Venue Outside Catering Policies for South Asian Weddings

More venues are opening their doors to outside catering – great news for us! However, they have some policies and requirements when it comes to selecting caterers, that you should know.

  • The caterers must be licensed and bonded and provide copy of these documents.
  • At most venues caterers will setup a “satellite kitchen” – a makeshift kitchen where only the caterer can work. The venue, nor their staff get involved.
  • The venue will probably require the caterer’s team to do a venue walk-through a few weeks prior to the wedding.
  • If you’re working with a new caterer to the venue there may be an approval process.
  • These policies apply to any food items.

Find catering policies for the venues you’re interested in on ShaadiShop.

{Last Minute Cake Scramble}

One couple had to find a cake two weeks before their wedding because they didn’t understand these venue policies. The bride’s aunt, who is an amazing baker, intended to make the cake as her wedding gift to her niece. However the venue would not allow it. So they had to find a vendor who could make a cake at short notice with the design they wanted and had to pay more for it. Luckily it all turned out great!

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