Bryce Canyon Proposal: Sheenika + Varun

{How We Met}

We met in Atlanta, at the JAINA Convention in July 2015. JAINA is the umbrella, Jain organization in North America. I was on the Young Jain Professionals Executive Board and (luckily) Varun’s roommate convinced him to attend the convention, last minute. We met on the garba night of the convention, hung out throughout and continued to talk after the convention via every channel under the sun – Facebook, Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, text, phone, email, plus in-person during a weekend in LA. It was love at first text!

{The Proposal}

In May 2016 Varun was in St. Louis, while Sheenika was in SoCal. He sat watching the sunset and decided he was ready to propose to the love of his life! He set off towards Denver where Sheenika was to meet him for their long-awaited nature expedition through the panoramic views of Utah.

While hiking through Bryce Canyon, they came upon a ledge, overlooking the hoodoo structures. The lighting was perfect, the mood was set and the view was….breathtaking.

Varun went to the car to pick up the “selfie stick”. He told me to pose near the ledge, to take some photos and I thought it was weird that he kept one hand dug deep in his pocket, but didn’t make enough of it to ask.  As I turned away and walked towards the ledge, he also walked towards me and when I turned around he was bent down on one knee. 

Varun, sweetly nervous, fumbled with the box and when he opened it, I screamed….YES!

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Photos: Andy Shah Photography 

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