South Asian Wedding 1st-timers: What To Expect

For people who have never attended nor seen anything about a South Asian wedding, they might feel confused, overwhelmed and excited all at the same time.

Put your friends at ease by sending a “What to Expect” email before the festivities start. When should you send the email? A few weeks before the wedding.

What should it say? Provide any details that they might not be accustomed to:

  • things might start late
  • the ceremony is long
  • it’s normal for snacks to be served during the ceremony
  • it’s normal for guests to get up and ‘take a break’ during the ceremony
  • don’t wear __________ colors
  • clothing guidelines
  • if there will be aunties helping with saris
  • share the types of cuisine that will be served
  • if you’re hosting parking
  • suggested activities for the gap between lunch and cocktail hour
  • most people will change into a different outfit for the reception; and indicate if you’ve arranged changing rooms
  • explain ‘no boxed gifts’
  • include a link to a wedding highlights video – there are a ton on YouTube and Vimeo. Search for: “Robles Video Productions Indian wedding” or “Avec Lumiere Indian wedding”.

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