Top 5 Qualities to Consider When Hiring a DJ

{Top 5 qualities to consider when hiring a DJ}

Ever hear a song being played on the radio, club, or even in the mall while shopping that gives you that feeling of nostalgia?  You know…old memories, something fun, something crazy.  That’s not only what you want to hear at your reception, that’s also how you want to feel 10, 20 or maybe 30 years down the line when you think back about your wedding day. 

So what do you do?  You need a DJ that can make those ever-lasting memories, but how do you find one?  You ask your friends and relatives, of course, and the lists start pouring in, but who do you choose?  Thanks to technology, every Tom, Dick & Harry is a DJ now but you want the DJ we just spoke about, the one who gives you that feeling of nostalgia. 

So here are some simple tips on finding the right DJ for you.

  1. Ask about years of experience.  If they have been around for a long time, its probably because they are good and successful at what they do.  Not to mention, their music library is probably insanely large.
  2. Ask about experience with weddings. Pay careful attention when they walk you through your event during your meetings.  How detailed are they in describing your upcoming event?  Their familiarity with your event before it even happens could be a sign of a well-seasoned wedding DJ.
  3. Are they a “real” DJ?  Does your DJ know how to “read” the crowd?  Does your DJ know how to mix? Is your DJ willing to get on the mic and hype the crowd?

  4. Look for professionalism and personality.  Your DJ should be professional when speaking with you and look professional at your event.  Your DJ should also have a personality.  Look for characteristics such as easy to get along with, not shy, well groomed, etc. 
  5. Talent – the most important characteristic.  You’re looking for a DJ, not equipment.  Find someone who is all of the above but is also musically talented.  If you come across the DJ that’s trying to “upsell” you gear, pass them up ASAP.  You’re not going home with their gear after the wedding.  Get the DJ who knows music and is willing to work with your tastes in music.
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ProTip by Raj S. Gujral, the founder and owner of Sound Nation, providing full service DJ, Mobile DJ, Dhol, Lighting, AV for over 20 years. Check back with us every week on #ThoughtfulThursday for Sound Nation’s one-of-a-kind tips for South Asian weddings!

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