The Indian groom negotiating to get his shoes back at his Indian wedding

Stealing the Groom’s Shoes at Indian Weddings

Traditionally Indian weddings were arranged between two families. Often the bride and groom, or the couple, had never spoken to each other, or very little. Games were incorporated throughout South Asian wedding celebrations to have fun while bringing the couple as well as their families together and get to know each other….literally. They’re like the original icebreakers!

Today, these games are still relevant. One, they’re fun and two, they still serve their purpose of bringing the families and friends of both sides, together.

Joote Chupai

This is one most people are very familiar with. This game pits each side (bride and groom/the couple) against each other. As the groom enters the mandap, the cousins and friends on both sides, jump into ‘battle’ to grab the shoes and hide them from the other side.  If the bride’s side wins they won’t give the groom his shoes back without (sweet) payment!

Indian wedding stealing the grooms shoes at Hote Irvine at this Punjabi Jain wedding.
Photo: Global Photography
Groom negotiating to get his shoes back
Shoe Negotiations, Photo: Inbalmore Photography

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Cover photo: Global Photography

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