Nervous in Front of the Camera? There’s a Remedy For That.

It’s pretty common to be nervous or uncomfortable, especially if you’re not much of a photo-person. And it can be kinda awkward getting into romantic poses for the camera, if you’re not accustomed to it. “Working with a photographer that makes you comfortable is key“, says Geeta Randery, the principal photographer and owner of Randery Imagery.

She also recommends:

Meeting your photographer over coffee or lunch; get comfortable with them so the photographer doesn’t feel like a stranger on the day of the shoot.

Have a glass of wine or cocktail before your shoot to relax and let the jitters pass.

Ladies, plan to be done with your hair/makeup, getting dressed, etc. well before your session. This way you have enough time before your start time to relax with your fiancé, chat, and unwind. The last thing you want is to be stressed in front of the camera because you’re late or didn’t get a chance to breathe.

Below: some of Randery Imagery’s work with couples, ensuring they’re comfortable and ready for their engagement sessions, engagement parties and weddings.

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