6 Simple To Do’s for the Best Post Indian Wedding Ceremony Photos

Indian weddings are family affairs. Guests arrive from across the globe to celebrate…you! For the couple it’s all a whirlwind and they’re relying on their photography and cinematography team to capture the moments for them. Geeta Randery the principal photographer and owner of Randery Imagery shares her tips on getting the most out of the post-ceremony photoshoot. With a beautiful mandap or altar, it’s a natural place to take photos.

If you have a particularly large family, or just want lots of photos with your family and friends in your wedding lehenga, this article is for you!

1. Draft a “Mandap/Altar Photos List” with the groups of people you want photos with. (scroll to the bottom for ideas)

2. Group people together. Make the groups as large as possible, to move things along quickly that day.

3. The day of the wedding, designate one (responsible) person on each side of the family in charge of this list, along with the Wedding Coordinator.  Said persons should be present with the list mandap/altar-side helping to rally each group, as needed with the Coordinator.

4. Give a copy of the list to your and have the DJ or Coordinator to announce each group in order.

5. ProTip: Later, after the wedding, you’ll be glad you formed larger groups because the larger the groups the less images there will be and therefore you’ll be able to fit all the mandap/altar photos onto 1-3 spreads in your wedding album. (smart thinkin’ ahead).

6. Last but not least, don’t forget to inform the people on your shot list to stick around after the ceremony. You don’t want an entire photo to be held up because one cousin dashed to hit the bar! And I recommend reminding them a few times: a few weeks before the wedding, the wedding week, and the wedding day.
Friends with whom you have a special connection. That symbol they’re making with their hands means something. 🙂
Above: Photo with each set of parents; then take a photo with all parents

{Designated Family Member}

Let me emphasize how important it is to designate a family member on each side to rally people for the photos. And be thoughtful about who it is. I don’t recommend designating anyone from the wedding party, as they may not know all of your family members. The photography team will be too busy setting up for each shot and positioning each group for the photos, so they will not be able to also gather folks for each photo.

{Go Above & Beyond}

South Asians are super achievers, and if you wanna go above and beyond, create a Whatsapp group for each of the photoshoot groups ahead of time to remind them. That’ll probably lead to several fun conversations  (as if your phone won’t already be blowing up during your wedding week), but the more the merrier!

Consider doing something nice for those designated family members afterwards. You can pre-prep a gift with a thoughtful note and have it delivered to their room, or have another family member hand deliver it, since you probably…no let’s keep it real, you won’t have time to do it yourself that weekend.

{Group Ideas}

Below is a courtesy list – some food for thought – on how to build your groups. It’s a good idea to group shots together i.e. all the immediate family photos together, followed by extended family, then friends.

  • Siblings
  • Each set of parents
  • Both sets of parents
  • Each immediate family
  • Both immediate families together
  • Cousins
  • Each side’s WHOLE family
  • College friends
  • Friends by geography
  • Work friends
  • Bhangra/Sports/Garba/<insert hobby here> friends
  • Kids

{Take Aways}

  • make post-ceremony photoshoots easier and better with this organized approach.
  • get help from a few family members.

From all of us at ShaadiShop and Randery Imagery congratulations and cheers to your upcoming wedding!

Pictured left: Samta Varia, Founder & CEO, ShaadiShop.
Pictured right: Geeta Randery, Founder & Principal Photographer, Randery Imagery

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