Proposing to the Girl of Your Dreams – a Man’s Perspective, Medha and Yash

{From the Groom}

We added a twist to ShaadiShop’s proposal series! A proposal story from a groom’s perspective! From preparing to planning to proposing, Yash shares what it all! And what a difference it is!
YM-21For me the proposal process started months before it actually happened. It was a regular day during a pretty ordinary conversation with friends. The conversation topic? Marriage. My friends asked me when I planned to get married. I gave my usual response – “it’s too soon”.

Afterwards, for some reason, the conversation stuck in my mind.  I started asking myself, “what am I waiting for? Am I truly ready?” At that point, we’d been dating for a couple years.

Not long after that, Medha made some small gesture that made me realize “you idiot she’s THE one.” In that moment I knew I was going to marry her. And I immediately started taking action.

{STEP 1}

Ask my parents for their blessings. That took about 1/2 a second.

{STEP 2}

Figure out when and where to propose. I decided our upcoming trip to Costa Rica with close friends was the perfect time and place to pop the question. I wanted it to be a surprise so I kept it under wraps as much as possible. I did tell our travel buddies, as I knew I’d need their help!

 The trip was still a few months away so I utilized the time, to coordinate with the ring designer and our friends to set up the proposal.

{STEP 3}

Ask Medha’s parents for their blessings. I didn’t want Medha to be there when I talked to her parents. And I didn’t tell her I was doing all of this so I had to find a time to talk to them when she wouldn’t be around. Lucky for me she had a friend’s bridal shower coming up.

With butterflies in my stomach, I rang their doorbell. Uncle and Aunty didn’t know I was stopping by. Aunty greeted me in her usual friendly way and informed me that Medha wasn’t home. I handed her the flowers I had brought and told her that I was there to talk to her and Uncle. That’s when she knew why I was there.

After a lengthy discussion, we decided it would be best to respond to my request after both parents met each other. We arranged dinner and I’m so glad they hit it off! At the end of the night, my future FIL gave me the thumbs up and a smile. Phew…I don’t know why I was nervous, I knew they liked me but still, that was a big step and it felt like a load of weight lifted off my shoulders. After that, I knew everything else would fall into place.

{STEP 4}

Coordinate with the resort. Have them set up the lookout point at our hotel with flowers, chocolate, and champagne.

{STEP 5}

Finalize the ring. I’d been working with the designer for several weeks. I was pretty proud of myself, for selecting the perfect Halo ring with an infinity band. Well…I was proud of myself until Medha told me she doesn’t like Halo rings…..err what?!? We were in the middle of dinner at a restaurant and I texted the designer to stop production. That night we confirmed all her ring wishes and I sent the new info the next day. Luckily they hadn’t started making the Halo ring yet! It arrived a few weeks later, designed exactly as she wanted it. Now, the only thing left to do was propose!

{STEP 6}

Propose. Finally the day came. We were in Costa Rica, our resort was beautiful and we were having a great time.  While Medha was sleeping, I went to the lookout point to make sure everything was setup correctly. When she woke up, we headed there with my heart racing and my mouth dry. Still, I mustered the courage to get down on one knee. I told Medha how much I loved her and that I couldn’t wait to start our future together. In true Medha fashion, she giggled, out of nervousness, throughout the whole proposal. She said yes! (As if there was any doubt!). Our friends took photos/video as they wiped their tears of joy. The smile on Medha’s face made all the months of planning worth it!

{The Wedding}

Medha and Yash are getting married in just a few weeks at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Anaheim South!
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