His Car “Broke Down”, Reena & Rakesh’s Proposal

{Reena & Rakesh}

Below, Reena shares the story of how Rakesh proposed to her during the holidays. Congratulations and we’re excited to be helping you find the perfect venue for your wedding later this year!


We were in traveling during the holidays. Rakesh headed home a few days before me since I didn’t have to be back at work until New Year’s Day.

He told me to book my return flight closer to the evening so that he could pick me from the airport and head straight to dinner. He also told me to get dressed up. My first thought was you want me to get dressed up and go to the airport? Still, I agreed.

That day I was running late and it was chilly out so wearing a dress and heels was the last thing I wanted to do! Needless to say, I was a bit irritated. Moreover, when I landed, he called to tell me his broke down and asked if I wouldn’t mind taking an uber home? My first thought was, “I got dressed up for nothing!!”

Anyway, I took an uber home. I thought we were still gonna go out for dinner, so I called Rakesh when I got home to come out, so we could head to the restaurant. He said “no come up and you can drop your bags off, then we’ll go to dinner.” I was still annoyed but as soon as I opened the door and  saw a trail of lit candles, rose petals and Rakesh standing there, all dressed up, I immediately started crying and forgot about my annoying day. I walked inside our place to find a chef cooking a lovely 4 course meal.  Then Rakesh got down on one knee. I was so nervous, I said yes before he even asked!

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