Newport Beach Surprise Proposal, Ruchi & Sachin

{About Ruchi & Sachin}

Sachin and I have been friends since we were 16. We met in high school in Southern California. In school we were just friends. Fast forward 5 years and all that had changed.

The summer before heading off to college our friendship blossomed into something more. As close friends, the topic of taking our relationship one step further came up a few times but not wanting to ruin anything, I insisted we remain just friends. I’m so glad I finally came around as it was the best decision of my life. We both ended up at universities in Northern California – only 45 minutes apart from each other. College was such a life changing experience – new environment, new friends, and new experiences, so it would have been easy to make that short 45 minute distance seem like a millennium, but we didn’t. We remained close throughout, and if anything, we found our place in the world together.

{The Proposal}

We both knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. All that remained was taking the steps towards it. By this point, we had both graduated from college and were still living in the Bay area. Sachin wanted to propose in Southern California to be surrounded by our families and many friends. The question was how to get me to SoCal.

He made up a story about his cousin’s west coast wedding reception in Orange County. The day of said reception, Sachin convinced me to get my nails and buy a new dress because I’d be ‘meeting’ his extended family for the first time.

{That Feeling That It Would Be a Life-Changing Day}

He decided to make it a fun day out and made lunch reservations for us before heading to the reception. My heart was beating really fast as I got ready. I didn’t know why at the time, but something just felt different about going out that day. I had this feeling that it was going to be an important life-changing day. When I went downstairs, Sachin was already there, having a beer with my dad. I found out later he was super nervous too! When I saw Sachin a calmness came over me. He looked incredibly handsome and I was excited to spend the day with the man I love.

Since we had some time before our reservation, Sachin suggested we walk along the pier. I was starving by the way and trying not to get hangry at this point! It was a perfect summer day in Southern California. It was one of those moments of sheer happiness – beautiful surroundings, got my nails did, new red dress, and most of all being there with Sachin. He must’ve known what I was thinking because he started talking about when we first met, started dating, and our inside jokes.

We had stopped walking at this point and were near the boat docks. I sat on a ledge while Sachin continued to stand. He said, “Ruchi, the last five years have meant more to me than you’ll ever know. But I think it’s time that we look forward, and redefine our relationship from boyfriend and girlfriend.” He pulled out a cherry red box and with the happiest smile I have ever seen on his face asked, “Will you marry me?” My face lit up and my smile immediately matched his.  I exclaimed, “Are you serious?!? Is this really happening?” Just then I noticed a photographer taking photos of us. Sachin said, “So is that a yes?” and as I nodded and said “yes of course!” he slid a beautiful cushion cut diamond ring onto my finger.

{The Surprises Didn’t Stop With The Proposal}

As I hugged him and smile-cried I realized there were no lunch reservations nor a reception to attend, but the surprises didn’t stop there. First we drove to his parents’ house where they welcomed me as their daughter-in-law. They did my tika and my future MIL gave me a bangle as shagun. Sachin also got down on one knee and proposed again. He was so nervous the first time that he forgot to get down on one knee! 🙂

After paying respects to my future in-laws we drove to my parents’ home. As we pulled up I kicked off my heels to run inside to my family. That was when I realized Sachin organized a party with our families and most of our closest friends – many of whom came down from the Bay to celebrate this special moment with us. It was one of the best days of my life and I cannot wait to be Sachin’s wife!

Congratulations Ruchi and Sachin! 

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