SRK Eat Your Heart Out: a Real Life Bollywood Proposal

{Richa & Inder}

Enjoy Richa’s telling of how Inder proposed and how he tricked her on Valentine’s Day!

It was Valentine’s Day and I was convinced Inder would propose. I got my hair done, wore a red dress…and nothing. Inder knew I was expecting him to propose that day and purposely messed with me! We still had an amazing Valentine’s Day and Inder kept the antics coming, as he tricked me while we exchanged gifts. He handed me a big box. When I opened it there was a smaller jewelry box inside. Naturally my heart started beating fast. I opened the jewelry box to find cubic zirconia earrings inside. He wanted to mess with me that day….and it worked!

The following Friday, Inder showed up at my office and I found out he had requested me to leave early that day. He took me home and gave me clear instructions:

  • we’re going out; wear something white
  • pack for 1 night

He looked dashing in his white suit and of course my mind was racing, thinking he might finally propose! When we were ready to leave, Inder led me to the garage saying, “should we take my car or this?” as he pointed at a gorgeous, shiny, new, Diamond White, CLS 550 parked in the garage. “Who’s car is that?!” I exclaimed. Inder quickly followed with, “It’s yours!”. I was shocked! I’d always loved that car! I named it Heera (diamond in Hindi).

As we drove to San Francisco, I felt like a Bollywood heroine. There I was cruising to SF in my new car, with the man of my dreams on our way to a romantic evening! I was literally driving in my Heera with my Hero! We arrived at the Grand Hyatt hotel and waited in the lobby for a while. I thought they were getting our room ready. But instead of going to our room, we were escorted to the ballroom level. As soon as we walked into the room, violinists started playing my favorite song, Tere Liye, from my favorite movie, Veer Zaara. There were framed photos of us throughout the room, rose petals scattered across the floor and candles and flowers decorating the room. Needless to say I was crying my eyes out! And that’s when it happened. Inder got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes as he slipped the most perfect diamond engagement ring onto my finger!

That night we enjoyed a beautiful meal at the mini champagne bar, overlooking gorgeous views of San Francisco, while the violinists played a few more of my favorite Bollywood songs.

The next day Inder took me on a fun shopping spree in the city and as we headed home, we went to see my parents. My family was in on the whole thing! Inder had shown the car to my dad beforehand and my sisters helped him select the ring and plan the most unforgettable proposal.

The Proposal video!

{The Proposal Venue}

What a unique idea to rent space at a hotel for a proposal!


  • elegant setting that can be customized.
  • get a good deal; you can get a great deal especially if booked less than 3 months out.  
  • convenience – they’ll recommend musicians, florists etc.
  • have a luxurious meal right there at the venue.
  • stay for the night. So romantic!

The Grand Hyatt is a luxurious hotel in Union Square in downtown San Francisco. While South Asian weddings aren’t commonplace there, for an engagement it’s perfect! It features the OneUP Lounge and restaurant, a swanky lounge/eatery to unwind or enjoy for a romantic date.



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