sangeet at Hilton Woodland Hills with blue decorated dance floor

The 2 Most Important Aspects of Wedding Planning

I was recently asked by a couple that just got engaged, “what are THE most important things to keep in mind for a South Asian wedding.”

I shared what we believe at ShaadiShop:

  1. Customize and personalize the day to ensure the enjoyment of the couple and their families. It’s their most special, life-changing day. And, the couple and their families worked hard to plan – they should enjoy it.
Outdoor Indian wedding with Western flare. Chrger plates and blue color scheme.
Rectangular ‘king’s’ tables instead of the traditional rounds. Photo: Wedding Documentary

You can be as low key or extravagant with customization as you wish! See photos below of a 9-foot wedding cake as well as a custom-made circular dance floor!

blue Indian wedding cake
Funny wedding cake topper. Photo: Global Photography


Indian wedding at the Hilton Long Beach with everything customized.
Bridesmaids holding signs {matching blue} indicating how long they’ve known the bride. Photo: Payal Photo & Video.


Extravagant Indian wedding with a custom-made 9 foot wedding cake used in the ballroom after the Hindu wedding ceremony.
9 foot wedding cake. Photo: Payal Photo & Video


Extravagant Indian wedding with a custom-made blue circular dance floor used in the ballroom after the Hindu wedding ceremony.
Custom made blue circular dance floor with the bride and groom’s initials. Photo: Payal Photo & Video

2. Always keep your guests’ comfort and enjoyment in mind. If your guests are having a good time it transforms the energy throughout the celebrations. Guests remember their experience.

  • Was it easy to get to the venue?

    Indian wedding outdoors.
    Photo: Wedding Documentary
  • Was the food good and served in a timely manner? (super important for desis!)
Fruit display at an Indian wedding sangeet.
Gorgeous fruit display on the sangeet night.
  • Were the ceremony chairs comfortable?
    Indian wedding ceremony at Hotel Irvine. The pink program match the pink mandap.

Was there sufficient sun shade during the ceremony? (outdoor weddings)

Indian wedding ceremony setup with a rent canopy.
Photo: Lin and Jirsa
  • Did the speeches have a lot of inside jokes? Entertaining?
    Indian wedding speech at reception
    Photo: Global Photography

    Were there too many dance performances?

Indian wedding Bollywood dance.
Photo: Global Photography
  • Was there time for guests to dance? Was the music good?
    Indian groom dancing the night away at his wedding reception.
    Photo: Lin and Jirsa

    These are most of the important aspects that will determine whether your guests have a good time. The better job you do at these, the most fun everyone will have!

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    Cover image: Global Photography