ProTip: Getting Bespoke Clothes in India/Pakistan

Getting your clothes custom-made on a wedding shopping trip to India or Pakistan?

1. Pay in installments vs. all or almost all upfront.
2. Don’t guarantee all your business to 1 designer.
3. Build in a few days extra time in case you need to look for multiple designers to work with.

One bride shared her story with us:

She tried the designer out for her reception lehenga and LOVED it. So naturally, she moved forward with them for the rest of her outfits…and HATED them! They looked nothing like what was discussed.

The designer explained that they went way over-budget on the reception outfit and used that to secure the business so they had to scale back o the rest of the outfits. But they never felt compelled to share that nor explain the situation in a professional manner.

Luckily this bride had time until her wedding and was able to find another designer to work with.

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