Top 11 Pieces of Wedding Planning Advice from Other Couples

We aggregated the most common advice couples shared with us.

Enjoy the day: Something will go wrong, keep smiling and focus on your friends, family and the end goal.

Pack ahead of time: pack all your clothes, jewelry etc. ahead of time and double check everything.

Create a (detailed) wedding day schedule: Distribute it to the wedding party, family, your wedding professionals team.

Expect the Unexpected: This is a kind of a tough one but we suggest running through different scenarios of what could go wrong and plan accordingly.

Build buffer into your wedding day schedule: Don’t jam pack the day so much so that there’s no buffer in case something runs over time.

Exchange notes with your fiance before your wedding: this is such a sweet gesture and a rare moment that the couple shares that day with just the two of them.

Prioritize: So many couples mention this one. There are a lot of stakeholders, and therefore a lot of opinions, plus cultural factors and social obligations. Let the families know which items are THE most important to you and focus on making those happen exactly as you want them.

 Personalize your wedding to your personality: several couples have shared their creativity and breaks from tradition that made their wedding day even more special. From replacing cake with donuts, and writing notes to each guest to having a runway-aisleway. It’s your day! Make it reflect you!

Eat on your wedding day: with adrenaline rushing and the emotions so high, plus a super busy day, it’s no wonder most couples don’t eat on their wedding day. Every bride we’ve talked to says to make sure to at least eat before the ceremony. The last thing you want is to feel drained while wearing a heavy lehenga for a few hours. For the reception, have someone set two plates and send them to your room. Face it, you’re going to be way too busy during the reception, to eat. But as soon as you get to your room and realize you’re starving, you’ll be so thankful you followed our advice!

Designate someone to text real-time photos from the baraat: we love this one! If the bride can’t see the baraat from the bridal staging area, get friends to text photos/videos – it will make her day!

Create a separate wedding email address: You’ll thank us for this one! There’s a ton of communications and you’ll only need them for the duration of planning. The last thing you want is to clog your personal account.



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