Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Reshma and Shishir’s Proposal

{About Reshma and Shishir}

They say that you know who your true friends are in tough times. Well the saying couldn’t be more true in this story of love between Reshma and Shishir. Warning: grab some tissue before you start reading!


 {The Proposal}

Shishir and I have been together three years! We met through a friend at an event I was hosting to raise money for a leukemia foundation. Last year my dad was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease that he’d need a lung transplant to survive.

Shishir originally planned to propose in Europe as I LOVE to travel. But then my dad fell ill. Through the whole illness Shishir unwaveringly stayed not just by my side, but by my whole family’s side too.

{Proposal ‘Plan B’}

He teamed up with my sister and bestie to come up with the perfect proposal! Last May, he picked me up to go out to dinner. As we were walking up a cobblestone street in Beverly Hills I heard the song “Moon River” from Breakfast at Tiffany’s playing in the background by a live band near Tiffany’s Beverly Hills store where a small table was set up outside with desserts, champagne, and of course, a little blue box.

Shishir told me sit down and I was completely surprised! Inside the box there was a classic heart tag bracelet with engraving on it. It said, “marry me” and Shishir got down on one knee and pulled out a Cracker Jack box with the most amazing ring (just like in Breakfast at Tiffany’s except it was a real ring instead of a toy like the movie :)) When I said “yes” the surrounding crowd cheered!

Across the street my cousins and friends were waiting with champagne and a cake to take to the hospital to celebrate with my dad, mom, and all the nurses and doctors that helped our family. My dad’s lung transplant was successful and we’re all looking forward to the wedding this summer.

Reshma and Shishir, thanks for sharing this touching story. We wish you endless happiness! Uncle, we’re so glad you got the transplant and wish you a full and speedy recovery.

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