ProTip: Don’t Get Duped By Designers

Don’t let this happen to you

One bride shared that she told the designer she wanted three outfits. They did a phenomenal job with the first one and did a horrendous job on the other two. They used lower quality materials, fewer crystals, and embellishments than what was agreed upon.

The designer justified this by saying they went over-budget on the first outfit so they had to scale back on the other two. They didn’t communicate or say anything to the bride, before the dresses were already made. The bride got duped and ended up going to a new designer and starting all over.

ProTips: If you’ve already paid everything upfront, good luck getting your money back. It’s best to pay in installments based on milestones and deliverables. Therefore the designer is incentivized to do a good job and customers are protected.

If you’re going the bespoke route with your clothes, give yourself extra time, in case you have to work with multiple designers.


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