The Helicopter & Party Bus Proposal, Ayesha & Raj

Ayesha shares her romantic proposal story with ShaadiShop. Such a sweet story with lots of planning. Good job Raj! Enjoy!

 {The Proposal}

It all started when one of my friends, Rakhi, emailed me and another girlfriend about a contest that she won at work. She forwarded me a work email that showing that she won a helicopter ride for a group of friends. She made the whole thing seem so casual, not to mention how professionally she altered the email from work, so of course I believed it and didn’t question it at all.

On October 11th, 2014 we made plans to take a helicopter trip around LA.

Of course we talked about what we were all going to wear. One of my friends, Aishwarya, who was pregnant at the time, guilt tripped all of us into wearing dresses, claiming she didn’t want to be the only one wearing a dress since nothing else fit her at the time. Being good friends, we agreed to dress up. Little did I know it was all a part of the plan (otherwise everyone knows I would have arrived in jeans and a t-shirt)!

Raj, Rakhi, and I boarded the helicopter with cameras in-hand (since Aishwarya was pregnant, we were going to meet her and her husband after the helicopter ride). I was so excited as I’d never been on a helicopter before! We toured around LA, across the beaches, hills, and skyscrapers of downtown LA.

As the sun set, the pilot started to land on the roof of the US Bank building in downtown LA. He mentioned that since we were the last ride of the night, he wanted to show us something cool. I thought nothing of it since I had asked questions about the helipads earlier in the ride – I was ecstatic! As we looked at the skyline of LA, Rakhi had the genius idea that we should all take panoramic pictures of ourselves holding the skyline in our hands. Rakhi took a picture of me while I posed towards the skyline. When I turned around, Raj was on one knee. I had no words (I didn’t even realize what he was saying)! After 6 years of dating, he had finally proposed!…of course, I said YES! =)

However, the surprises weren’t over yet…

We met Aishwarya, her husband Arun, and Arjun (Rakhi’s husband) at a bar in downtown LA to grab a few drinks before dinner. As we walked to the car, we stopped in front of this HUGE bus. The doors opened, and Raj gestured me to go in. To my surprise, he had gathered 30 of our closest friends! I was so excited our friends were there to celebrate this special moment with us!

I was having so much fun, I didn’t even pay attention to where we were going until we stopped at the Grand Californian hotel at Downtown Disney (I’m a big Disney fan!) And then the next surprise hit! Our families were in the lobby waiting for us! Food and drinks were flowing, and I could not have been happier with all our friends and family around us to witness this day!

After dinner we got back on the party bus to go to our final destination of the most perfect night – a club to celebrate and dance the night away with our friends.

The night could not have been more perfect and magical. It was truly one of the best days of my life – being with the man of my dreams, and surrounded by the people that I love. I have to thank Raj for making me the happiest woman alive (I’m allowed to be cheesy…I’m a newlywed )

Fast forward a year later, and we are happily married!


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