#SaKe2016, Ketki and Sakya’s e-session

Ketki shared the ins and outs of her beautiful e-session, shot by Global Photography, with ShaadiShop.

Congratulations Ketki and Sakya!

{E-Session Location}

Downtown LA  is a great place for an engagement shoot. From the modern architecture of the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the serenity of Grand Park to the glitz of the city’s lights at the Department of Water and Power building, this walkable area is a lot of fun to spend time with your beau before the big day.


{Our Clothes}

Sakya and I wanted to capture our traditional Indian sides as well as our personal styles, into our outfits.

Indian-I wore a peach sari with a Chinese style collar. Sakya wore a mini green Nehru jacket over his beige kurta. The colors of our outfits contrasted perfectly and it looked great against the dusk lighting in the evening.


Western attire-I wore a Carmen Marc Valvo dress from Rent the Runway, paired with classic black suede heels. Sakya wore his favorite sports jacket from Polo. We both felt dressed up but still relaxed which was the perfect combo for taking photos!


Casual Look-I wore jeans and a stylish black jacket on top of a red blouse that really popped against the night sky. Sakya wore an untucked button down.


Deciding what to wear takes longer than you’d expect! You want to represent your own styles but also wear something that looks good in front of the camera. Selecting contrasting, instead of matching colors turned out great for us. Our photographer, Yogi was so helpful when it came to sharing ideas about our outfits. It was important for Yogi to know what we were wearing so he could set up shots at the right time of day at each location.

ProTipThe photo shoot is fun but exhausting. It’s important to have a relaxed schedule, give yourself time to reach your destination and wear comfortable clothes. Maybe even have a glass of champagne before you get started!


{Posing for the Camera}

I’m pretty comfortable in front of the camera but Sakya, like most grooms I imagine, is not a huge fan of posing for photos. Some of our pictures were missing eye contact or a smile which could have really added to the picture. Luckily, our photographer was able to capture some amazing and funny shots to look back on!

We didn’t have any time to practice for the photo shoot so we weren’t sure what to expect. Modeling is hard work, especially when you have to remember things like lifting your chin, standing up straight and pushing back your shoulders. Needless to say, neither of us will be pursuing modeling careers anytime soon!




{Have Fun!}

Throughout the photo shoot, Sakya and I would get little inspirations to try silly faces for the shots. We even did a pose where Sakya was tight-rope walking along a ledge and I was holding his hand. He got so into it, he almost fell off the ledge! It’s so important to have fun during the shoot and add your personal touch, it really kept us going until the end.

The moments when Sakya and I would pose looking into each other’s eyes or walk along a path holding hands were my favorite part of the shoot. You almost forget the photographer is there and it felt like it was just the two of us standing there. The whole experience really made everything feel more real. It’s a reminder that this is the beginning of our future and the wedding is approaching quickly. By the end of the shoot, we were just giddy about getting married and starting our future as husband and wife!


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