Ballroom Switch Clause

Did you know some venues have a clause in their contracts that says that they retain the right to move your wedding events into different spaces within the property…up to the day before or even the day of your wedding.

Let’s say that you booked your 300-person wedding in a venue’s Grand Ballroom, that can seat up to 400. After you booked, another big event comes in for the same night with 400 guests. They can move your wedding into their smaller ballroom so they can book the other event.

That clause supersedes your deposit. Be careful and thorough when looking at venue contracts. Decide whether or not you’re willing to take on that risk.

{One Family’s Experience with the ‘Switch’ Clause}

Once Uncle shared with ShaadiShop, that a particular hotel was their family’s favorite choice – they really wanted to do the wedding there. However, the hotel had that ‘switch’ clause in the contract. The catering sales manager assured them that in their history, displacing a wedding had never happened. Uncle, being a businessman and good negotiator said, “well if it’s never happened before, remove the clause from the contract”.  The hotel pushed the request to their legal team but they refused to remove the clause. And the family decided not to have their wedding there. They just didn’t want to risk it.


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