The Magical Proposal, Kruti + Saurabh, SLS Beverly Hills

{10 Years in the Making}

Saurabh and Kruti were together for ten years before they got married in 2016. With such a rich and colorful history together, Saurabh spent 3 months planning the proposal in Beverly Hills, CA. We caught up with them to capture all the details. Enjoy!


{Proposal Prep}

Saurabh: being a magician, naturally I wanted to include magic in how I proposed to Kruti. More importantly, I wanted the night to be a throw back to our relationship over the last 10 years. Purple is one of her favorite colors, so I used purple balloons and wore a purple tie and I included photos from our decade-long relationship.

The Venues}

Kruti & Saurabh: We really enjoy The Bazaar by José Andrés, restaurant at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. It’s a romantic and chic venue, which is exactly the feel I was going for. Their staff were very attentive and helpful, as I wanted to decorate the area with candles, balloons, and photos. They really helped me bring my vision to life.

We’re also loyal fans of Starwood so one of their ambassadors helped us with several logistics as well.

The proposal was only the beginning of our big night. Afterwards we went to Spice Affair, where our family and friends joined us in a celebration. Kruti had no idea about this either, so each step of the evening was a new surprise for her! Later that night we ended up back at the SLS where we topped off the evening with drinks with our friends. And in true LA fashion, we ended up seeing Fergie and Josh Duhamel.
saurabh-proposal-117 saurabh-proposal-54


Saurabh: For our first anniversary, I produced a {Tiffany’s} necklace out of fire. I decided the proposal was going to be a throwback to the magic trick I did for her on our first anniversary, only this time, of course, it’d be a ring. And, instead of asking, “will you marry me?”, I asked Kruti if “she’d be mine” as those were my exact words, years earlier when I asked her to be my girlfriend.

saurabh-proposal-43 saurabh-proposal-41

{The Logistics}

Saurabh: There were a ton of details and logistics to think through and I enlisted the help of SO many people. My sister-in-law was the main planner – she had a mile long list of things to do. Both of our moms and, really, both of our families got involved on the day-of, from blowing up balloons and lighting candles to hanging photos etc.

ProTip: A key thing to think about is not just preparing for the proposal but also taking care of all the people who come out to help that day. My mom and sis-in-law ensured everyone was taken care of meals, parking etc, which was a HUGE help. 

ProTip: And I recommend hiring a photographer and cinematographer to document the moment. We hired Erich Chen and Chris Acedillo who have shot lots of events and they both commented, how our proposal was as detailed as a wedding!

saurabh-proposal-19 saurabh-proposal-15
saurabh-proposal-26 saurabh-proposal-2 saurabh-proposal-4

{The Cover Story}

Saurabh: Of course I wanted the proposal to be a surprise, so the cover story was that Kruti was going out to a fancy dinner with my sister-in-law (which is not uncommon for them, so it wasn’t strange). And, my MIL played a big part in making sure Kruti went!

{The Photo Collection}

Saurabh: With ten years of history, we have shared and captured so many wonderful memories. My vision was to commemorate our love with a hanging photo album of images across the years. More specifically, there were 120 images total, representing, one for each month we’ve known each other. It took countless hours to put together but was completely worth it. I gathered all of the images I wanted to use and wrote thoughtful notes for each photo describing my love for her – and then – printed the text on each photo. And the day-of, strung and hung them, in chronological order, so she’d see them when she walked into the room.

Kruti & Saurabh: This was the most sentimental and special part of the proposal and it’s a keepsake we’ll always cherish.


{The Cake}

Saurabh: This was all my sister-in-law. She found the bakery, Cake And Art, months beforehand and it was her idea to depict the ring coming out of a magic hat. The cake ended up being a little stressful on the proposal day as the ring they made looked nothing like the actual! So they had to redo it. It ended up looking great and the cake was delicious. The cake was accented by cupcakes (see photo below) set all around it, which we ordered from Sprinkles in Beverly Hills. We enjoyed it that night (and had it for breakfast the next day, haha!).

Kruti’s Surprise}

Kruti: When the door opened and I saw Saurabh standing in a suit, in the suite, I knew I was in for a BIG surprise. As he took my hand and walked me through the hallway, I noticed the decor and photos. I could sense that something super romantic was about to happen! Saurabh recited a rhyming poem which ended with him on one knee and asking “Will you be mine” while lighting a piece of paper on fire, from which the ring appeared.  My heart melted as that was reminiscent of our first anniversary. Saurabh had done a similar trick in which a Tiffany necklace appeared – it was such a special gift given in a creative way!  It was only fitting that on this day, an engagement ring should magically appear in the palm of his hand!



The ring is an almost perfect square from Horizon Diamonds. The ring setting includes diamonds and rubies, was done by Manart Jewelry. Both companies are in Downtown LA.


{The Magic Continues}

Of course the magic didn’t stop there! After they got engaged they held their engagement shoot with Greycard Photography at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood – an exclusive club, Saurabh is a member of. Normally they don’t allow photography so it was even more special that they opened the venue for our engagement shoot.

Nice, Saurabh! So happy for you both! Keep the magic alive!

 Erich Chen Photography, e-session Greycard Photography
Chris Ace Films
Cake and Art & Sprinkles Beverly Hills
Horizon Diamonds & ManArt

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