Transporting Guests To Each Venue at a South Asian Wedding

If your wedding celebration involves 2 or more venues, chances are you’re thinking about how the out-of-town guests are going to get from one venue to the other, especially here in SoCal.

  • Of course they can rent cars, but then you have to deal with drinking & driving and you want everyone to just have a good time.
  • Everyone has Lyft or Uber on their phone but is that the most hospitable thing for your guests?
  • A lot of people arrange shuttles. This way guests can be carefree and they’ll appreciate it! A shuttle will cost about $1500-2000 for 1 night, depending on the distance and number of trips.If all of your functions are at a resort or a hotel close to the airport, then it’s fine to let guests catch a Lyft or Uber to the venue, since they won’t need to leave for the rest of the weekend.

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