Why Do Venues Charge Per Person Fees?

When you start off planning your wedding, the first thing you need is a venue. Couples or their families often come to us and don’t understand why venues charge a per person fee, when the venue isn’t providing the food.

True, they aren’t providing the food but they provide several other services:

a. the ballroom space
b. their tables and chairs + setup & tear down
c. their linens, china, flatware, glassware, bars + setup & tear down
d. their dance floor
e. bar + wait staff
f. buffet setup and beverage stations
g. cake cutting
h. a catering manager + banquet staff managing the events

Many venues also include a toast. Hotels include a room for the newly married couple and other amenities. These are the items you’re paying for in that per person fee. It’s very convenient to have them attend to all of this. Imagine if you had to arrange all of this yourself?!

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