Deciding Where (Region) To Have Your Indian Wedding: A Guide

In Southern California there are a number of beautiful venues that can host Indian weddings. From San Diego to Santa Barbara, venues are increasingly aware of not only what a mandap, nikkah, Anand Karaj are but what they entail and the needs of each ceremony.

With so many possibilities within reach, it can be difficult to start narrowing it down. This is a brief guide to help you think through the best geographic location for you to get married.

  • What areas do you like? Coastal venues? Close to home?
  • What’s convenient for your families? You’ll be visiting the venue several times throughout wedding planning. Is it easy to get there?
  • What’s convenient for your guests? Are the majority of guests come from abroad? If so, you might want to focus on venues near LAX and San Diego International Airport.
  • Are you going to invite all guests to every event?
  • Local Destination Wedding. We recently worked with a couple from North Orange County.  They considered venues in San Diego, but then felt that a lot of guests wouldn’t attend as the two hour drive would be a deterrent. This is subjective. You know your guests – and this info is food for thought.
  • Where is your sangeet or garba going to be? Ideally all the venues are near each other or you’re providing transport to-and-from each venue. One family transported their guests via party bus from Orange County to the sangeet in the Valley.
  • Auspicious ceremony time?

Couple We Recently Booked: We recently helped a Canadian couple having a destination wedding in Southern California. Since all of theirs guests are arriving from abroad, we focused on San Diego and Los Angeles venues.

Another Couple We Recently Booked: We recently helped a couple that’s splitting their wedding and reception over two days. The auspicious time for the ceremony is 6:30am. That was a major factor in determining the ceremony venue. We decided to keep it local for the majority of guests.

By the way, on ShaadiShop, you can search venues by geography. We know that when you start planning the sky’s the limit. And we want it to be so! You’ve probably dreamt about this day a lot and we want to help you find your dream venue!

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 South Asian-friendly Wedding Venues

ShaadiShop is a free service to help couples, planning an Indian or any South Asian wedding, find their wedding venue. We walk you through the whole process from discovery to booking. And, venues extend better pricing and amenities to our clients. Visit our main website or contact me to start your venue search today!



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