Does it Make Sense to Have Each Wedding Event at a Different Venue?

Part of deciding what city or region to have your wedding, is determining whether you want to have each event at a unique venue or at one.

By the way, when we talk about the wedding events, we’re talking about the 3 biggest ones – the sangeet, ceremony and reception. Most people have their sangeet/garba at a different venue than the wedding and reception.

Now that we clarified that, no doubt, having the wedding and reception at different venues is fun! With each venue comes a distinct look, especially given how ornate and decorative South Asian weddings are.

The reasons why most South Asians don’t select different venues for each event are:

convenience for the host families – we know, South Asian weddings are dynamic as it is, add multiple venues into the mix and the planning and logistics time increase significantly.

travel – wedding weekends fly by in a whirlwind and multiple venues means travel time into already packed schedules.

Some of our clients prioritize being near an airport to make it easier for their guests. You can find the 3 closest airports, miles drive time, and maps on ShaadiShop.

cost – while South Asians are the most affluent ethnic minority in the United States, we still have wedding budgets. Unique venues for each event inherently means increased costs AND decreased bargaining power at each.

guest logistics – depending on the number of guests you have, Indian Standard Time (IST) is likely to become more of a factor when you have multiple venues for your wedding. Some people will run late, get lost etc.

If your wedding and reception are on the same day, we don’t recommend having two separate venues EXCEPT in cases like our friends Komal and Ankush whose wedding and reception venues were only half a mile from each other.

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