DJ Best Practices for Indian Destination Weddings

Indian Destination weddings are increasingly popular.  It’s a fun-filled week or weekend of festivities with your closest friends and family.  It’s usually an intimate crowd rather than the usual 300 – 500 guest wedding count.  In this article, I’ll share best practices for bringing in a DJ for a destination wedding.

  1. Myth-buster. This isn’t holiday for the DJ (he’s working) so please don’t expect free services. In fact, flying in a DJ may cost more.

  2. Costs. Aside from his service fees, there are additional costs to consider such as
    1. Air Travel
    2. Hotel
    3. Car Rental or Shuttles
    4. Per Diem
    5. Equipment Rental
  3. Accommodations. You’ll want the DJ to stay at the wedding venue or as close by as possible.
  4. Flight Delays. Best practice is to ensure their arrival at least 1 day before your event. The last thing you need is a vendor stuck because of flight delays.
  5. Flight Arrangements. Let the DJ make his own flight arrangements but with your consent on pricing.
  6. Equipment. Usually your DJ will handle arranging equipment. But if not, make sure he approves the final list.  You, of course, will be in charge of cost approvals.
  7. Coordination. Ensure the DJ and your coordinator are in touch, so they can work out any final and last minute details. A good DJ will arrange meetings with the audio and lighting vendors before the event starts to make sure all the gear previously ordered is sufficient for the event.
  8. Meals. Invite your DJ to all breakfast, lunches and dinners which are being provided for your guests.  This is a better option then getting hit with room charges for room service later on.

    Thanks, Raj and the Sound Nation team for sharing these helpful and actionable thoughts on destination weddings. Here are some pictures of a recent destination, that Raj DJ’d at a castle, on a private island in Ireland.

    This was Raj’s 3rd time DJing a wedding for their family and the 2nd time for a destination wedding. Needless to say they love Raj’s work!

ProTip by Raj S. Gujral, the founder and owner of Sound Nation, providing full service DJ, Mobile DJ, Dhol, Lighting, AV for over 20 years. Check back with us every week on #ThoughtfulThursday for Sound Nation’s one-of-a-kind tips for South Asian weddings!

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