Pre-Indian Wedding Detox

Naturally you want to look and feel your best on your wedding day. In this article, Pre-Indian Wedding Detox, in collaboration with Beauty by Rani we bring you natural, easy-to-do, and inexpensive tips to include in your pre-wedding beauty routine. Things like natural face masks and how to take care of your hair. Starting months before your wedding will ensure the best results for that day (and continue after your wedding too!). One vital component of any skincare regimen that we’re covering today is detoxification.

{What is a Detox and How Does
One Go About It?}

You’ve probably heard the word detoxification or more colloquially called ‘detox’. It refers to the body’s natural and constant process of getting rid of waste and harmful toxins.

{Balance Practicality and Health}

Below are some ways to detoxify before your BIG DAY. The most ideal scenario would be to completely give up unhealthy foods and beverages…but that’s not practical. So we suggest reduce and replace. 

It’s kinda like exercise. People are commonly chasing after the most effective exercise instead of focusing on exercise they actually enjoy. The fact is the most effective exercise is that which you’ll actually do on a consistent basis! There’s NO value in doing some hardcore workout if you do it for a week and then give up.

We recommend focusing on 1-2 things that you think you can do and maintain. You’ll notice that after a few weeks, your lifestyle changes will become a habit and you won’t consciously think of them anymore. And you’ll start seeing and feeling the benefits which will encourage you to focus on 1-2 more etc.

That’s why this is a process. So give yourself plenty of time, ideally months before your wedding.

{Reduce and Replace}

Again going back to what’s really practical instead of completely giving up items that you simply can’t do without, then reduce. Do you really need to drink 3 cans of soda everyday? Could you replace that Pumpkin Spice Latte with a cup of lemon water instead?

Reduce: this is pretty self explanatory. Cut down on things wherever you can. Soda, processed sugars, and caffeine. If you have wine with dinner everyday or a few days a week, consider cutting back.

And secondly if you’re like me and LOVE chocolate opt for healthier chocolate like dark. And start making your own desserts using natural sweeteners and less processed stuff. There are a ton of tasty sweets that don’t require baking and are pretty simple to make.

Replace: instead of processed sugar, opt for natural sweeteners like dates and raisins. There are a lot of great recipe websites geared towards healthy-ish snacks and desserts.

{Ways to Detox

  • No More Junk Food:  Give up all the fizzy drinks, fried, sugary, and cream-laden treats that you love secretly indulging in. These foods are heavy to digest and cause bloating.
  • Fresh Juice: Avoid ready-made packed juices which are filled with sweeteners and preservatives but low in nutrients. Opt for fresh juices instead to stay hydrated.
  • Smoothies: Opt for freshly made juice or freshly made smoothie instead to your daily diet which will increase your energy, cleanse your skin and soothe your eyes.
  • More Water, Less Caffeine: Have a bottle of water instead of soda. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee, or any other energy drinks that are highly acidic. You should also squeeze some drops of lemon, or add a slice of lemon or cucumber to your regular glass of water which will also help cleanse your system.
  • Veggies Are A Must: Apart from fruits juices, add some green vegetable juices to your daily diet.
  • Avoid Tea, Stick To Green Tea: Include at least 2-3 cups of green tea in your diet. Not only does it help fight disease by boosting immunity, but also enhances the detoxification process.
  • Wheat Pasta and Quinoa: Replace regular flour with wheat pasta and quinoa which are healthier and digest easily.

{Using Products That Work For you and Your Lifestyle}

Speaking from personal experiences that brides have shared with us, who make juice from fresh vegetables and fruits every morning, they say it’s very filling so they eat fewer calories and love that it’s 100% natural.

It takes about 6-7 minutes for prep, to make, AND clean up (they recommended getting a Blend Tec or any blender that’s really easy to clean to save a ton of time).

From my own experience, I used to be a chai-head. I drank at least 1 cup everyday. I gave that up a few years ago and now only drink it occasionally, meaning 1x every 1-1.5 months And I definitely see and feel the difference in my skin and body.

{Take Aways}

The main message of Pre-Indian Wedding Detox is: take care of yourself! I know you’re so busy with work and planning your wedding but if you can, especially in the months before your wedding, you’ll see a big positive difference in your skin if you drink a lot of water (at least 64oz. aka 8 glasses) per day do regular masks and detox. These are lifestyle changes which are hard to do, so we recommend starting slow.

Consistency matters more than anything else

Reduce and replace rather than giving up food and drink

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From all of us at ShaadiShop and Beauty by Rani, congratulations and cheers to your upcoming wedding!

DISCLAIMER: As with any skin care regimen, always do a test patch first to see if your skin is allergic to any of the . Please discontinue use if your skin does not react well to the regimen. Never use products that you are allergic to. Always check with your doctors before using products.

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