Before You Sign Your Indian Wedding Venue Contract

Before you sign your Indian wedding venue contract there are some things to pay attention to and verify. Undoubtedly signing your wedding venue contract is exciting! It makes the whole thing tangible and anchors everything else for you to plan. Once you sign your venue contract you can start really imagining the whole event, the decor and what it will be like.

On average couples consider about 15 venues for their wedding before deciding on one. They make multiple visits and ask a lot of questions. And rightly so. The venue is one of the biggest components of the entire wedding and anchors everything else.

So I wrote this guide to walk you through the things to look out for in a venue contract before you sign.

Specify the timing and location of each event.

So whatever events you’re having at the venue: your sangeet, wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and reception there, plus having a hospitality room, make sure the contract specifies each event, its location and timing.

Correct dates, names, location

This may seem obvious but people have had issues with this in the past, especially when the wrong dates were on the contract.

Number of expected guests at each event

Before you sign your contract double check the number of guests that are included. For Indian weddings, venues charge on a per person basis and the number on your contract is considered the anchor number. In other words 1-2 weeks prior to the event, you will be required to provide the venue with a final guest count. If more guests attend you will be required to pay the difference. If fewer guests attend most venues will not reduce the fee. You will still be obligated to pay for that final guest count provided 1-2 weeks prior.

What’s included in the Package for each event

Before you sign the venue contract double check the listed amenities that are included. DO NOT ASSUME anything. For instance, we know a bride who was caught off guard two weeks before her wedding when she realized the venue did not include silverware in the proposal and they wanted an additional $600 for it. Read our guide on what is typically included in venue outside catering packages. Include the dates for the nights you have rooms (at a hotel/resort).

All pricing info

Before you sign the venue contract double check all pricing info – per person fees, bar fees, bartender fees, parking, function space, minimums, corkage fees (if applicable), any concessions/discounts or other negotiated fees. Also, double check the service charge and sales tax. Any after-hours fees, i.e. if the reception extends longer. Welcome bag delivery fees etc. Look out for hidden fees or things that were not discussed.

Inclement weather back up plan

Did you discuss what would happen if it rains or there’s inclement weather on your wedding day? If so, make sure the info is stipulated in the contract before you sign it.

Deposit schedule, fee structure, terms & conditions

Read all of it, make sure you understand all of it.

Cancellation Terms

Contracts are official and keep everyone on the same page without any lack of clarity about the details like dates, locations, and fees. The contract for hotel rooms is a separate contract and before you sign it double check that as well.

{Venue Turnover and Passing Information}

There’s a fair amount of turnover amongst catering managers at venues. It’s not uncommon to have the catering manager change during the course of when you booked your wedding to the actual day. And unfortunately the venues are not great at ensuring information is passed along to the new staff. So any promises or agreements that were made outside the contract are subject to being voided. Just another reason why you want everything in the contract. And most contracts have a clause about changes and amendments.

Most venues state that changes are not official unless they’re added to the contract and initialed. In other words, an email – even though it’s in writing – may not be enough.

{Take Aways}

This article is a short guide on the the items to look out for in your before you sign your Indian wedding venue contract. We addressed how to protect yourself by ensuring any amendments, additions, omissions and changes are officially changed in the contract. There’s a lot of turnover amongst catering sales managers at venues and information is often not passed onto the new staff. So any promises etc. that were made after the contract is signed are subject to be voided, unless they are in the contract.

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