Indian Wedding Venue Pricing Factors

In this article we will address Indian wedding venue pricing factors. Specifically type of venue and timing of your wedding can influence a venue’s pricing. There are hundreds of venues and many types of venues to select from when it comes to where to host an Indian wedding: hotels, resorts, banquet halls, convention centers, golf clubs, and wineries.

They all have different business models that influence their best type of business (weddings, corporate, leisure) and peak times of year. Furthermore there are different types of hotels such as business hotels vs. hotels near Disneyland which primarily serve the leisure market.

I don’t want to bore you with an academic discussion about the hospitality industry. But I do want to share information about how the type of venue and time of year of your Indian wedding can influence the venue’s availability and pricing for your wedding.

{Event Time of Year & Type of Venue Influence Pricing}


Resorts are less willing to budge on pricing for summer and spring break as those are peak times for events and hotel rooms.

And resorts in sunny places like California and Florida will be less likely to negotiate on holiday weekends like Thanksgiving and Memorial Day when they’re likely to be busy as well. Did you know that a lot of venues treat Sunday of long weekends like Saturday in terms of pricing? So for example even if you got married on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, a lot of venues will quote Saturday pricing.

Please do not confuse less likely to negotiate with will not negotiate. I am not saying venues will not negotiate, I am just saying that how much they’re willing to negotiate will be less.

Additionally hotel rooms and room blocks will be higher during those peak times (By the way your contract for the ballroom and other event spaces will be completely separate from your contract for hotel rooms).

ProTip: Check out our guide on the First Things To Do To Start Planning Your Indian Wedding. There are links to several articles that will help you wrap your arms around this as it can all be pretty overwhelming at first!

{Business Hotels}

Business hotels, on the other hand, are more likely to negotiate as they’re primarily occupied on weekdays. They want more weekend business and are more likely to work with you. The tradeoff though is that they’re often not as pretty as other hotels that are focused on weddings.

So this is where budget tradeoffs become important.

Some people decide to spend less on their venue and more on decor and entertainment.

{Golf Clubs and Banquet Halls}

Golf Clubs and banquet halls vary based on their location. Some are very busy with private events on weekends and others aren’t. Also remember that golf clubs are membership based and their members can influence policies. One venue recently decided to not allow baraats to start before 4:30pm due to complaints from their members.

{Time of Year}

Your wedding date influences how much venues will negotiate. January and February tend to be slower periods for venues (in general) as the holidays just passed.

{Holiday Weekends}

Holiday weekends are very popular for Indian weddings and the venues have caught on to this so they don’t necessarily reduce their pricing unless it’s Christmas weekend. And if your wedding is on the holiday itself, well even then you won’t pay less as the venues have to pay employees time-and-a-half for coming in that day.

{December Holidays}

December holidays: Many venues book really quickly for the first few weekends of December for corporate holiday events. And many venues give first right of refusal to those companies to re-book. For instance if a corporation held their holiday event at a resort, that resort will give the corporation first right of refusal to re-book for the following year.

The Saturday of Easter weekend is a great time for an Indian wedding as few others are booking events that weekend.

{Other Good Dates}

For venues in Beverly Hills and other areas that are popular within the Jewish community, there are some “no-go” wedding dates which means those venues are more likely to be available. Like the Hindu and Jain religions the Jewish calendar also changes every year, so Google the dates for each holiday listed below, though we’ve given you the months for each:

Purim: March/April
Passover: March/April/May
3 weeks leading up to Tisha B’av: June/July
Rosh Hashana:
Yom Kippur: September/October
Succot: September/October
Simchat Torah: October

Note: Venues will put courtesy holds on space for you and give you a certain amount of time before they will release their space to other parties. A venue is not booked until a deposit is paid. The same goes for all of your wedding vendors.

Summary: this article is about Indian wedding venue pricing factors. Specifically type of venue and timing of your wedding can influence a venue’s pricing.

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