Indian Wedding Venue Spotlight: Balboa Bay Resort, Newport Beach, California

One of my favorite things about working with venues in Southern California is that there are so many oceanfront and waterfront venues. 

The Balboa Bay Resort is a new venue to the Indian wedding scene. Couples seeking a venue that’s off the beaten path should consider this luxurious resort in Newport Beach. And while it’s located in a ritzy area, compared to a lot of other venues that are waterfront and oceanfront, this venue doesn’t come with such a hefty price tag. 

The Balboa Bay Resort is a waterfront venue which means it has bay and marina views vs. views of the beach and deep blue.

{When to Get Married in Southern California}

The spring and summer are very popular. Just keep in mind that in May and June you still get some overcast mornings and it usually burns off by the afternoon. July and August are full blown summer in Southern California with hot, sunny days. But the fact is we enjoy great weather year-round. It’s the end of October right now and it feels like summer! There are plenty of outdoor Indian weddings taking place this weekend and this time of year in-gwneral. It’s definitely more chilly compared to summer, but it’s bright and sunny out. And weddings are happening well into December. A few weeks ago I booked two outdoor December weddings – one in Anaheim and another in Long Beach.

But I will say that for any outdoor wedding, you want to make sure that there’s a backup option in your contract in case of inclement weather.

ShaadiShop’s South Asian Social Calendars. You also might like our 2018 and 2019, ShaadiShop South Asian Social Calendars. We’ve listed all of the major Hindu, Jain, Muslim, and Sikh holidays, plus American holidays and major events happening throughout Southern California, in one calendar, so you don’t have to look up each thing separately. These events and dates could impact the dates and venues you select for your wedding. For example, do you want to try to get married in San Diego during Comic Con? Could be fun but hotel rooms will be $$$$!

{Balboa Bay Resort in Newport Beach}

The Balboa Bay Resort is a waterfront property in the marina. They recently started allowing outside catered events at the resort opening their doors to Indian weddings.

{Features We Particularly Love at This Venue}

Their newly remodeled lobby is open and spacious and the color scheme is unique compared to a lot of other venues.


Even their indoor event spaces have marina views.

23-Balboa-Bay-Resort-Indian-wedding-SS-116-Waterline Patio

Being new to the Indian wedding scene, it’s exciting for couples to be among the first to get married at a venue that people have not been to before. Pictured below, a deck overlooking the marina. Below that, ShaadiShop mascot and dashing groom, Kuljit, standing at the entrance of Balboa Bay’s ceremony space, overlooking the marina.

16-Balboa-Bay-Resort-Indian-wedding-SS-116-i30Breakfast on Balcony - horizontal


{How South Asian Wedding Friendly is the Balboa Bay Resort?}

see for yourself:

How South Asian friendly are they? VERY

Some couples like venues that don’t have a gazebo or pre-existing structure for the mandap/altar, as that enables them to get really creative.

{Balboa Bay Resort’s Indian Wedding Pricing}

  • about $5000-$6000 for the ceremony
  • about  $60 per person for outside catered lunch  (including service charge and tax)
  • about $87 per person for outside catered dinner (including service charge and tax)

These are ballpark numbers but every wedding is different. Pricing depends on date, time, day of the week, and a few other variables. You can see what amenities come with this pricing on our website.

{Take Aways}

  • Visit the Balboa Bay’s profile on ShaadiShop for even more detailed info about their services for Indian weddings.
  • Waterfront and oceanfront venues are two different things
  • The Balboa Bay Resort is a beautiful option for couples looking for something new and different.

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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! 🙂

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