Using Mood Boards for Engagement Session Prep: 5 Easy Steps

Your engagement photo session is the first of the many photo shoots you’ll be doing throughout your wedding celebration.  And, like everything in life for the best results you have to do your due diligence to prep for it.

Good thing it’s fun! Choosing outfits, hair styles, locations. It’s a day couples look forward to and Geeta Randery the principal photographer and owner of Randery Imagery shares her proprietary process with 5 practical things you can do to ensure synergy with your photographer.

1. Gather Samples:
We want to be on the same page photographically to achieve exactly what you’re looking for.  We want these images to portray & represent you two, as well as your individual personalities coming together.  In light of that, we ask that you do some FUN homework! FIND and SAVE sample photos that you like…from the internet, blogs, Pinterest, websites, online magazines, etc… Feel free to ALSO find/save photos that you absolutely DON’T like as well. Knowing what you DON’T like is equally important!

2. Pinterest Board:
Using the sample photos you’ve saved, create a (private) Pinterest Board, add a short “comment” to each photo stating why/what you like (or don’t like) in each image; what is it EXACTLY about that particular photo?  The more specific you are in your description the more the photographer can customize for you.

So what should you say about a photo? Comment on the:

  • pose
  • props
  • lighting
  • location
  • time of day
  • clothes
  • vibe
  • style
  • expressions/feel (laughter, happy, sexy, playful etc.)
  • anything else that strikes you

Once you’re done pinning & commenting on each image, SHARE that private board with me or your photographer. A great photographer will start thinking about activities, storylines, themes, and locations to focus on for your session.

ProTip: Text or email me/your photographer once you’ve shared the Pinterest board; sometimes the notifications from Pinterest don’t come through.

the ring, his haircut, her nails + the colored background – all of these details impact the photo!
Her dress really pops against the bright green tumblers!

3. Brainstorm:
The next thing I do is study your boards and start brainstorming ideas, ask clarifying questions, and offer ideas and suggestions. This can be done over email or if you prefer, a scheduled call to talk through ideas, activities, & possible locations.

4. Timeliness:
We’ll schedule your session to allow for the maximum use of the ‘golden hours’ before sunset, and for that reason, your timeliness that day is very important!  Ideally we want to shoot during the last 2-3 hours before sunset.  She’s on top of what time sunset  is and you can also check here. Keep-in-mind, if for any reason you’re late to the session, the shoot will still end at the designated time, unless extended upon request.

5. Props:
Bring props that represent you individually or as a couple… and we’ll incorporate them into our session for some added personalization & personality :). I LOVE props, so give this one some thought as it might require pre-planning & shopping.  Here’s a link that might be helpful in giving you some ideas (scroll to the Props section at the bottom).

Guess what letters their 1st names start with???

{Take Aways}

  • With a little bit of planning you can maximize your engagement session photoshoot.
  • The finer details matter and this guide gives you some practical, actionable tips to really make your photos pop.
  • I know we’re jumping from the engagement session to the wedding ceremony, but you might also like our guide on planning post-ceremony photoshoots. After all you’re gonna need this guide sooner than you think! 🙂

From all of us at ShaadiShop and Randery Imagery congratulations and cheers to your upcoming wedding!

Pictured left: Samta Varia, Founder & CEO, ShaadiShop.
Pictured right: Geeta Randery, Founder & Principal Photographer, Randery Imagery

Contact Randery Imagery, for your wedding and engagement shoot. They provide full service wedding, engagement and event photography. And catch tips from Randery Imagery every #PhotoTipFriday.

Contact Randery Imagery, for your wedding and engagement shoot. They provide full service wedding, engagement and event photography. And catch tips from Randery Imagery every #PhotoTipFriday.

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Images: Randery Imagery

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