Photo Friendly Outfits: Advice from a Professional Wedding Photographer

Tips, best practices and advice for all of your photo shoots: engagement sessions, weddings and receptions.


  • Pick clothing that pops, is vibrant, fun, & fresh…that still maintains your personality.
  • You want to wear clothing that fits – too tight or too loose clothing will stand out in photos.
  • Think “coordinated” … rather than “matchy-matchy!”  Each of your outfits should be one big cohesive outfit that coordinates when put together.  Instead of trying to ‘match’ one another, pick a fun color palette of 2 to 4 colors and spread it across each of you.  Simply avoiding the “we have to match!” mentality will go a long way.  Unless you’re going for that ‘uniform’ look, in which case – match and smile!
  • Bring a change of clothes to your e-session: 1) fun/casual 2) formal / dressy…or if you have a favorite sports team you want to incorporate, wear matching ‘team attire’ or jerseys.
4 colors total: 1 bright color contrasted with 3 neutral colors. And love the coordination of the matching pocket square.


  • Stick to the same color family or complementary tones…pick 2– 4 colors and stick to them so there’s continuity.
  • Choose colors that are deep, rich, and intense like burgundy, eggplant, teal, coral, rust, yellow, magenta, olive, etc.
  • Pair your bright colored clothing with neutrals like charcoal, gray, chocolate brown or army green.
  • Darker colors and long sleeves are both great in achieving the slimming effect (cover up any body parts you don’t want to draw attention to).

{Fabrics and Layers}

  • Use textures and layers to visually add an interesting touch.
  • Textured fabrics, such as denim, cable knits, linen, and corduroy, photograph beautifully.
  • Layers can be added and removed to create different looks in minimal time.
  • When it comes to jeans, opt for the darkest indigo wash, as they are the most flattering and least outdated.
  • Give your shoes as much attention as your clothes, as they WILL be [highlighted] in your images.

Nice shoes!…both of you!


          • Throw on a fresh coat of nail polish. 😉
          • Heels are great on most everything…legs look longer. 😉
          • Remember to always “Accessorize!!” Whether casual or formal, nothing adds more Pizzazz than earrings, bangles, a watch, and a necklace.
          • If you’re on the fence about your hair, a quick visit to your local salon for a “bouncy” blowdry will add volumes! No pun intended. 😉
          • I HIGHLY (did I emphasize HIGHLY enough?) encourage getting your makeup done professionally.  Even if you’re not into wearing makeup, getting a simple neutral look done professionally with elevate your images.
          • Be sure to let your makeup artist know it’s strictly for photos, they’ll be sure to enhance your makeup for the camera.  Why you ask?  Remember the phrase “The Camera Adds 10 lbs”… well similarly for photography, The Camera Loses Half of your Makeup!  If your makeup looks excessive in person, then it’ll look JUST PERFECT on camera!
Imagine if her nails didn’t look nice…the photo would be ruined.

Great statement necklace on top of bright, single-colored dress and the subtle wrist cuff that looks stylish, but the focus is all on her.

Subtle print on the dress, coordinated colors, great accessories and freshly manicured nails…nice.


Black and white clothing, as they don’t photograph well…the detail in black/white fabric tends to “blow out” in outdoor pictures.

Dressing in matching “uniforms”.

Anything with busy stripes or patterns.

Shirts with large logos/words/pictures…This is distracting and takes the focus away from you in the image.

Thank you Geeta Randery, and the whole team at Randery Imagery, for these super helpful tips!

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