5 Things Every Bride Should Do Before Getting Her Mehndi Done for an Indian Wedding

We collaborated with the Master henna artist Neha Assar, the Founder of Neha Assar Artistry, to share 5 Things Every Bride Should Do Before Getting Her Mehndi Done for an Indian Wedding:

  1. Get her manicure and pedicure done beforehand.
  2. Remove any unwanted hair on arms and legs; i.e. laser hair removal, shaving or waxing (optional).
  3. Get a massage.
  4. Wash her hair, that way she doesn’t have to worry about getting her mehndi wet after application the next day.
  5. If possible, do her haldi (pithi) ceremony prior to the mehndi application.

Neha: I require my brides to get their mehndi done two nights before the wedding. It is applied to clean, dry skin. My brides normally sleep with it on and peel it all off the next morning. After peeling off the mehndi, they must avoid water for 24 hours in order to achieve the darkest color for the wedding day. I provide a care package with specific instructions on how to care for the mehndi. Therefore, these five things being done prior to the mehndi application are crucial to #theNehaAssarExperience.

Samta: The soaking of the hands and feet along with the chemicals used in a manicure and pedicure remove mehndi – thus it’s better to get that done beforehand. Applying the haldi on top of the mehndi requires the bride to wash it off after the ceremony and get the mehndi wet. This is a huge no no in the first 24 hours as stated above.

Getting a massage before your mehndi is important because you don’t want anything aside from what Neha provides in the care package to touch the mehndi until the wedding day. Couple that with the cool application of mehndi two days before your wedding and it will all be a relaxing treat – just what a bride needs before all the big weekend events start. 

See some of Neha’s incredible work below. From biceps to full backs and from Lord Ganesh to USC Trojan figurines, Neha’s work is truly inspiring!

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