The Most Popular Indian Wedding Hashtags to Use in Venues’ Marketing

We researched the most popular Indian wedding hashtags to use in Venues’ Marketing and share them in this article to help you attract more Indian wedding business.

{Being Discoverable}

The objective of any post is to obtain wide reach and engagement amongst followers and making it easy to become discoverable by non-followers. And to do that we use hashtags.

{Most Popular Indian Wedding Hashtags on Instagram}

  • #indian wedding: 3,027,775 posts
  • #indianbride:1,587,419 posts
  • #southasianwedding: 153,871 posts
  • #indianweddingdecor: 18,905 posts
  • #indianweddingvenue: 855 posts

{Indian Wedding vs. South Asian Wedding}

As businesspeople we use the term Indian wedding as a category encompassing all weddings from the South Asia region. And “South Asian wedding” is the term that encompasses all weddings from that region.

The reasons why we use Indian wedding more often than South Asian wedding are:

  • This is still a fairly nascent market segment and “Indian wedding” is more recognizable amongst venues and companies in the industry.
  • “South Asian wedding” can be confusing to people.  People were and are more familiar with the term “Southeast Asia” and were conflating the two, which is not correct.
  • The term “Indian wedding” ranks higher for search engine optimization (SEO).

South Asia is the region that includes: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, and The Maldives.

{Which Social Media Platforms To Use Hashtags on}

While you can use hashtags on any platform, I personally like to observe what the most successful companies and business leaders are doing and emulate them. When I first started using social media for ShaadiShop, I put hashtags in every post, on every channel.

Now, I only use hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. For Facebook and Pinterest I rely on having a high quality image and an accurate, thoughtful description that’s 2-4 sentences long.

I find that the most successful companies include descriptions in their Instagram posts as well, and that the more thoughtful they are the higher lift and engagement they get.

{No Descriptor = No Lift}

Do an A/B test. Post an image with no description and then with a description – even just a few words or sentences. You’ll probably have much higher engagement with the latter.

Similarly if a wedding at your venue is featured on a blog, simply copy/pasting the URL is going to get much less engagement compared to adding at least a few words about the post.

{Take Aways}

Using hashtags in your social media marketing is great for discovery. Optimize your posts even more with these, as they’re the most popular for Indian Weddings.

You also now know the difference between “Indian wedding” and “South Asian wedding”.

Lastly, always always always include a description – even if it’s brief – to your posts. You’ll enjoy higher engagement and more lift.

{Tips for Venues}

Shaadi = Marriage/wedding in Hindi/Urdu, which are two major languages spoken in South Asia

South Asian refers to people from: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives

South Asian is not to be confused with Southeast Asian which is a completely different region of the world.

South Asian is a more encompassing term as it refers to everyone in that region vs. Indian.

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