ShaadiShop’s Indian Wedding Venue Quote Request Template

Complete or have the answer to the questions in this Indian wedding venue quote request template BEFORE you start calling or reaching out to venues. If you do, you will save A LOT (hours and hours) of time and spare your inbox.

Here is what to say when you reach out to venues.

Hi ~

I’m looking for a venue for my Indian wedding. I’ve shared some details below and would love more info about what your venue offers and whether our dates are available.

We’re looking for  venue for our sangeet on x night, ceremony + reception the next day and post-wedding brunch the day after.

Bride/Person 1: First, Last
Groom/Person 2: First, Last

Preferred Dates: mm/dd/yy1, mm/dd/yy2, mm/dd/yy3 or Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays in May-June, yyyy. We have some/no flexibility with our dates.

# Of Guests: 

  • sangeet =
  • ceremony =
  • reception =

We will/will not serve lunch after the ceremony
If serving lunch after the ceremony, include: lunch will be outside catered with non-alcoholic beverages. We’d like water/soda/juices.

The lunch after the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception dinner will be outside catered. We’re open to the hotel’s catering for the sangeet on Friday night.

We will be serving alcohol at the reception, sangeet and reception and it will be hosted. We’d like info on your bar packages as well as how consumption bars work.

We will need a room block. We’re still figuring out exact numbers but expect around 25-30 rooms for Friday and Saturday nights.

Our contact info:

email 1
email 2
Phone number
Best times for them to call you (include time zone if different than the venue)

When you start reaching out to venues you have SO many questions:

  • How much do things cost?
  • How does catering Indian food work?
  • What if we need a hospitality room to serve breakfast?

And many more questions, which is completely normal.

Indian Wedding Venue Quote Request Template
Anand Karaj at the Fairmont San Francisco Photo: Aperina Studios
Refer to the Indian Wedding Venue Quote Request Template to get a quote on a venue like this Marriott on Coronado Island.
Mandap overlooking Coronado Bay at Coronado Island Marriott. Photo: Lin & Jirsa Photography
Bride walking down the aisle at an Indian wedding in Santa Barbara
Indian wedding in Santa Barbara. Photo: Lin & Jirsa Photography

{How Venues Work With Clients For Weddings}

Venues work in stages. They want a core set of basic info from you (everything below), in order to even get a conversation going. When I was planning my wedding, and calling venues (this was before I founded ShaadiShop), I had questions:

  • can I have a horse?
  • can I have x number of people?
  • do you allow outside catering?
  • can I have an open flame for the ceremony

And I couldn’t get anyone to answer those questions without first, giving them my info:

  • my first and last name
  • fiance’s first and last name
  • preferred dates
  • number of guests

And it was frustrating to go through all of that only to find out that their capacity was too small or that they don’t allow outside catering.

That’s why I recommend emailing them instead of calling.

{Calling Venues vs. Emailing Venues}

Could you just pick up the phone and call venues from the getgo? Of course you can, but I don’t recommend it. Why? Because you’ll be on the phone for 30 minutes…per venue.

The way it works is they first have a catering coordinator take all of your details. Of course, you have an ethnic name so you’re going to have to spell your first and last name — S like September, A like Apple, M like Mary etc. etc.

Next…repeat for your fiance.

Then provide your phone number. And then your email address…which you have to spell out again. By now it’s already been like 7 minutes and you haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet! Oh and by the way, this is all taking place during business hours….you know, when you have all the time in the world to make 30 minute calls.

After the coordinator has gathered all of your contact details, then they’ll ask you all of the questions I’ve detailed below.

Once the coordinator has gathered all of that info from you, they put you on hold while they give your info to a Catering Sales Manager. The Catering Sales Manager then picks up the line and goes over all of the info you provided and might you ask for more details or to repeat something if they can’t read the coordinator’s handwritten notes. And you can ask questions as well.

Later that day or the next day, the Catering Sales Manager will email you their outside catering package, a pdf document with pricing and other info.

 {Email Instead of Call: Indian Wedding Venue Quote Request Template}

Wedding planning + working and/or going to grad school and having multiple people involved in your wedding, is taxing enough. So why not make the process a bit easier and more efficient by skipping those lengthy venue phone calls?

Email venues instead.

Use the template below. The best part? You do the work once and after that you can copy/paste to all the venues you’re interested in.

Save your questions about the hospitality room and the finer details for later. Right now you need to wrap your head around how much things cost, what services venues provide (and don’t provide), and which venues are available on your preferred dates.

Scroll down for the email template to copy/paste/customize according to your needs.


This article, ShaadiShop’s Indian wedding quote request template, shared our Indian wedding venue quote request template that we created, for you to complete before you start reaching out to venues for your wedding. If you have the information in this template available before you reach out to venues you will save hours of time and spare your inbox from a lot of back-and-forth.

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