Key Features:

  • Large hotel in the heart of the South Asian community in the East Bay
  • Staff is very familiar with Indian weddings
  • Click here for more info about the Fremont Marriott.

Guest Capacity:

  • Ceremony Capacity: 600
  • Reception Capacity: 450

India Wedding-Friendliness

  • Allow Outside Catering? YES!
  • Allow Horse Baraat? YES!
  • Allow Elephant baraat? YES!
  • Allow Car Baraat? YES!
  • Allow indoor ceremony flame? YES!
  • Outdoor ceremony space: None


You might be wondering, if the venue isn’t providing food, then what are you getting for these per person fees? Answered here.

Request A Quote:

Gladys Roberts (Director of Catering)

Want to save time? Use our email template to request a quote.



Devika + Ayan | Cinematic Hindu Wedding Highlights Fremont Marriott

Contact the Fremont Marriott now, and don’t forget to mention ShaadiShop!

Gladys Roberts (Director of Catering)

Use our email template to request a quote.


PC: Wedding Documentary Photo + Cinema


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