South Asian Weddings: a DOSM and DOC’s Dream Come True

The average budget for a South Asian, aka Indian wedding, is $100k. The single largest piece, goes to the venue (see below). In addition to great revenue potential, South Asian weddings come with:

  • lower labor costs
  • higher profitability potential
  • off peak dates

Labor costs: Since meals are outside catered and served buffet style, the number of servers required is significantly fewer compared to Western weddings – even with the large guest counts at South Asian weddings.

Higher profit: South Asian weddings all require room blocks. Hotel rooms are obviously any hotel’s bread and butter and these weddings take up bigger room blocks as well as a minimum of two nights compared to Western weddings.

Other big revenue centers: the hosted open bar at most South Asian weddings, the additional lunch/meal that most Western weddings don’t include.

Timing: South Asian couples LOVE all long weekends and are open to off-peak dates.


 Growing Industry & Affluent Community (USA)

  • $5B industry (USA)
  • Fastest growing minority, according to the last Census.
  • English speaking and most highly educated ethnic group in the US.

Venues that are not marketing to the South Asian community, are leaving money on the table.

Samta Varia is the Founder & CEO of ShaadiShop. ShaadiShop markets wedding venues directly to the South Asian community. What sets our service apart is our one-on-one venue concierge approach. Contact me to learn more about joining us for 2017.
‘Shaadi’ = wedding/marriage in Hindi.


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