For the Glow: Haldi Ceremony

This tradition Tuesday we’re talking about the haldi ceremony. Why do we do it?

Before we get into that, did you know that this ancient tradition has lots of names throughout South Asia?

Andhra Pradesh (Telugu): pellikuthuru
Bengali: Gaye holud
Gujarati: Pithi
Kannadiga: Dev Karya
Maharahstrian: Haldi Chadhavat
Odia: Mangana
Punjab: Vatna
Rajasthani: Baan
Tamil Nadu: Mangal Snaanam

Colloquially, we all call it the haldi or haldi ceremony; and it has significance across South Asia’s cultures.

This super food is a natural healer and a cleaning agent. It’s applied all over the body a day or two before the wedding, because it makes your skin glow! Seriously, our ancestors knew what’s up – it’s the OG spa treatment!

Additionally, some believe applying it rids one of “nazar” or keeps the evil eye at bay.

While getting “haldi’d” the elders shower blessings on the bride/groom, which is considered invaluable in our culture.

Since it’s a fantastic cleaning agent, it also signifies purification and cleansing before the wedding.

It’s pretty awesome that we’ve kept these traditions alive. We hope you enjoy your haldi ceremony too!

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