Important Wedding Indian Venue Details to Budget For

The details at an Indian wedding make all the difference. With so many moving parts and tiny details like making your hashtag signs, it’s a good idea to plan and budget for these things as early on as possible:

  • distributing welcome bags to guests at check-in
    They have to keep the bags at the front desk, ensure they’re not misplaced/stolen, make sure everyone from your party gets one.
  • hospitality room
    accessible to guests throughout the weekend for snacks, chai etc.
    A lot of couples don’t understand why there’s fees associated with this. After all, the venue just provides the room since the food will be coming from an outside caterer, right? Actually no. The venue still has to provide labor to service the room – take trash out, refresh linens, china, silverware etc.
  • additional meals for guests staying at the hotel i.e. breakfast/lunch
    a. sit down meals
    b. boxed meals. The venue provides the space, labor, materials and equipment. At ShaadiShop we work closely with venues to bring you the best rates for this as we understand how important it is for you to take care of your guests.
  • prayer room
    the venue might just give this to you if they have space available, since there’s very little setup.
  • AV
    if their function spaces have screens, you my be able to have a photo of the couple posted on them and they may charge a nominal fee for this (we suggest negotiating this upfront).
  • vendor meals
    The venue is going to charge you a per person vendor meal fee. Sometimes it’s the same fee as the guest rate, sometimes it’s lower. Most venues do not include this in their initial proposals, but you should keep-in-mind to budget anywhere between $700-$1500 for this. It depends on the rate + number of people + number of meals. And remember, service charge and tax WILL apply!

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