Bridal party photo at an Indian wedding

Prepping Your Wedding Party for the Wedding Weekend

Your Ambassador. At a wedding, after the ceremony was completed some guests gathered around the mandap, eager to congratulate and take photos with the couple.

A family of 4 stood nearby waiting for their turn, when the Maid of Honor (MOH) approached them told them to clear the area, and go inside for lunch as family-only were gathering to take photos. What the MOH didn’t know was that they were family. They were the bride’s paternal Uncle, Aunt and first cousins. Offended, they ignored the MOH and awaited the opportunity to talk to the couple.

Take away: If you’re giving your wedding party responsibilities, make sure that they understand your expectations, standards, and set them up for success. Only someone who knows whom the family members should’ve been assigned the responsibility of directing traffic. Additionally designate your friends with tact to talk to guests. The MOH is your ambassador and her poor behavior reflects on you.

Take away: If you’re going to give someone responsibilities, set them up for success. Make sure they have the info and tools they need to do the job per your expectations. Get help from other family, friends, and/or your wedding coordinator.

Schedules: Make sure the wedding party has a detailed schedule for the weekend and make sure it’s realistic. At one wedding the bridesmaids were asked to be at the bride’s home for a photoshoot at 4pm on a Friday…in LA, and then expected them to be at the venue (27 miles away) by 6pm. It’s just not going to happen.

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Accessories and Props:  If you’re organizing matching accessories (chudiyan, bindi, jewelry, shoes, props) etc. for bridesmaids, hold onto it until they arrive at the venue. Even though that’s a lot of stuff and it will be easier for you to distribute the items before the wedding, the chances of someone forgetting or breaking something increase – which can really dampen the coordinated look you’re going for.

ProTip: gift accessories to bridesmaids with a beautiful display, they’ll love it!

gifts for the bridesmaids
Photo: Global Photography

Entrances and Exits. At one wedding I went to, the wedding party did their ceremony entrances but they weren’t told what to do after that. All 12 of them ended up standing by the mandap, throughout the 2 hour ceremony.

Take Away: Make sure the wedding party knows when and how to enter and exit, the pace, whether to dance, who they’ll enter with, what music will be playing.

Logistics. Where is the wedding party staying? If you’re hosting rooms for them, who will distribute the room keys? Whose names are the rooms under? What time is the wedding party expected to be at each event? Do you need help throughout the events? after? If so what kinds of things will you need help with? Some members of your wedding party may have other obligations. They don’t know what your expectations are, so provide as much info as you can to avoid misunderstandings.

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