Free Tool to Coordinate Wedding Planning With Family and Friends

Most people use Google Docs and Spreadsheets to manage wedding planning with family and friends. We’d like to share another free tool that has more features, free, and easy-to-use, called, Trello.

Trello is a collaborative To Do list. As South Asians, many of us are lucky to have family and friends involved in our weddings. Staying organized is essential. Making sure each person knows what they’re supposed to do is important. We love Trello because it’s easy-to-use, collaborative, and makes communication easier. And it’s free!

Why We Like Trello More Than Google Docs

  1. Trello looks like a typical To Do list.
  2. Weddings are nuanced. Trello cards let you create tasks and attach photos/docs and keeps track of notes and comments.
  3. Trello let’s you assign tasks to individuals. Let’s say you need your Maid of Honor to do something. You can create a task. and add her name to it. She’ll receive a notification and her name will be listed on the task.
  4. Unclog your inbox. Communications are stored in Trello rather than clogging up your email!
  5. You can track task status by simply dragging and dropping each task.
  6. Collaborate – ask questions, add notes/comments, add attachments.
  7. The mobile app is easier to use (and also free).

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