PSA for Wedding Guests: Why You Should Still Book your Hotel in the Room Block Even Though it’s Less Online

The Online Rate is Lower
We’ve all been there. You’re booking travel for a wedding and the room rate online is lower than the discounted rate on the invitation. Why is it lower online? And why on earth, would you still book through the room block?

Why Is it Lower Online?
3rd party sites like, Trivago etc. actually buy the inventory from the hotels. Once they buy the inventory, they own the rooms and can sell them at whatever rate they want. They do their own math and determine the optimal rates for them. The thing you need to know, as a wedding host or wedding guest, is that online rates are going to fluctuate. That lower rate you’re seeing online is going to go up, whereas the price in the official room block will not change.

So why should you still book with the room block instead of online?
Because often there are built-in amenities in the official room block that are not included in 3rd party sites i.e. breakfast, parking, and resort fees.

When guests book through a 3rd party site those additional amenities will not apply. And that can cause a problem for the host families because they’re left with some guests who have the amenities and those that don’t. They either have to scramble to figure out how they’re going to get all the amenities to everyone or they’re going to have a few awkward conversations when guests arrive, explaining the difference. And as you know in our culture, family reputation and being hospitable to our guests is something we value.

Our recommendation is wedding guests: either book in the room block or don’t expect to receive all those amenities when you arrive at the wedding.

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