Hotel Room Block Hack When Lots of Guests Have the Same Last Name

Room Block Hack for South Asians

This is a quick ProTip to help you get through wedding blocks where a lot of guests have the same last name…Patel, Khan, Shah etc. At my wedding SO many of the guests had the last name ‘Jain’ and the hotel’s reservation staff got overwhelmed and confused. Our names are already foreign to them; tack on so many people with the same last name…and mistakes are bound to happen.

We made our own list of all the guests with that last name and the number of people expected per family and gave it to the hotel, which was VERY helpful to them. They could start referring to first names instead of last names.

Additionally by breaking down how many guests per family and further sharing the number of adults and children they were able to verify callers against that list.

For thoroughness we had a call with the reservations team each week to spot check the room block.

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Samta Varia
Founder & CEO
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