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Does Your Venue Have Noise Restrictions?

When you’re planning your wedding you probably don’t think about noise restrictions. And it’s reasonable to expect venues to proactively share such restrictions if they have them. But some might not. And that’s why we collaborated with DJ Raj, Founder of Sound Nation, to co-write this post.

Raj shared that he was DJing an Indian wedding recently and the venue sprung the noise restriction on him…on the spot.  Prior to the event itself, they never brought it up and during the reception asked him to turn down the music. You can imagine how everyone felt about that.

What Types of Venues Have Noise Restrictions?

Usually outdoor venues, historical buildings, golf clubs, converted buildings or any venue which is surrounded by a dense residential area.  Most hotels with ballrooms don’t have noise restrictions, however, even some hotels may, depending on how far their guest rooms are from the ballroom. 

Some venues have a strict shutdown time, while others might stipulate simply to turn the volume down. In my work, helping couples find their venue, I’ve worked with couples that were set on a certain venue until they found out the shutdown was as early as 10pm. For most South Asian weddings that’s a deal breaker.

The venue should specify in decibels what is too loud and what’s ok.  Most DJ’s play around 95 – 105dB during dancing. Depending on the size of the space and number of guests attending, if the venue says anything lower then 85 – 95dB, you might want to consider another venue.  Even 85dB is relatively low during dancing but if you have a small room, then you might be ok. 

It’s especially important to consider this if the venue has a very low decibel number to work with.  At a very low level your “dancing” music may just sound like “background” music which will take away from the fun for everyone.

Take Aways:

  1. ask the venue about noise restrictions
  2. ask for specific decibel ranges and room/space dimensions
  3. relay the info to your DJ or to us at ShaadiShop and we’ll be happy to help

ProTip in collaboration with Raj S. Gujral, the founder and owner of Sound Nation, providing full service DJ, Mobile DJ, Dhol, Lighting, AV for over 20 years. Check back with us every week on #ThoughtfulThursday for Sound Nation’s one-of-a-kind tips for South Asian weddings!

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