Having a Kid-friendly Indian Wedding? Some Ideas to Keep Them Entertained!

Kids add joy to everything – especially Indian weddings! By the end of my wedding, my friend’s 5 year old and my cousin’s 6 year old were besties. And when the DJ dropped “Gangnam Style”, they OWNED the dance floor. It was absolutely adorable!

Unfortunately, even though South Asian weddings are kid-friendly, meaning often couples don’t restrict their reception or other events as adult-only but they’re often boring for them. In the guide we point out some things you can do to help out our little friends…and their parents!

1. Pre-place activities for them. They’ll be excited and their parents will appreciate the gesture too! Activities can include coloring, puzzles, crafts, special desserts, candy bags.  A lot of Indian weddings have welcome bags, well you could also create craft bags for each child, loaded with games, knick knacks, snacks and candy.

Activities for kids during the reception. Great idea!
Activities for kids during the reception.


2. Designate a kids room, nearby the ballroom. Outfit it with games/activities, mats for kids to sleep on, and to really go the extra mile, hire a babysitter(s).

Photo: Greycard Photography


3. Games for adults and children alike! Bonus points for life-size games! 

USC Trojans game at Indian wedding cocktail hour
Photo: Greycard Photography

4. Designate someone to do a kids photo sesh!
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{Take Aways}

There are lots of ways to make your wedding kid-friendly. Do you have some ideas that we didn’t cover? Share them in the comments and we just might add them into this article!

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Congratulations and cheers!

Samta Varia
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