4 Non-Obvious Things To Discuss With Your Caterer for an Indian Wedding

This article is intended to help you work with an outside caterer. By the time you’re done planning an Indian wedding you’ll feel like you could become a wedding planner. And this article, 4 Non-Obvious Things to Discuss With Your Caterer for an Indian Wedding will help you avoid some of the pitfalls that so many couples realize when it’s too late.

With all the hard work you’re putting into planning your big Indian wedding it’s not feasible for one person to think of everything. That’s why we published this article on several of the non-obvious things that we have seen and hope they help you!

Functional China: My friend went to a wedding recently and the liquidy curries were spilling off of the venue’s dinner plates and onto people’s clothes and onto the venue’s carpet. They weren’t the right plates for their chosen menu and that wasn’t considered by anyone beforehand. Moreover, they weren’t any bowls, so the dinner plates were the only option.

Clarify Venue/Caterer’s Responsibilities: Working with your venue, clarify who’s providing what equipment. Some venues provide the chafing dishes and sternos – others don’t. Some venues provide serving utensils – others don’t etc. Most resorts and hotels have a standard set of items included in the outside catering package, but for golf clubs and banquet halls, make it a point to review the details. My friend had a rude awakening the week before her wedding when she found out the banquet hall was going to charge an additional $600 for flatware.

chafing dishes setup for a wedding reception
Chafing dishes at an Indian wedding. PC: Lin and Jirsa

Dish Description Cards: Even for South Asians, sometimes it’s not clear what a dish in the buffet is and whether it’s vegetarian or not. Ask your caterer to make those dish descriptor cards – they’re functional and add panache.

Meditteranean food was served an a sangeet for an Indian wedding.
Photo: VEK Photo

Takeout for the couple: Pre-arrange with your caterer as well as a cousin or a friend to pack food for the couple and deliver it to their hotel room or store it for them to enjoy later. Most couples don’t get to eat on their wedding day and when they get to their room, they’re starving!

{Take Aways}

4 Non-Obvious Things to Discuss With Your Caterer for an Indian Wedding is about helping couples avoid some of the pitfalls that so many couples realize when it’s too late.There are so many parts to planning an Indian wedding. It’s like a living-breathing puzzle. These are some of the details that we guarantee if you talk with your caterer about, will make your wedding that much more enjoyable for you and your guests.

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