Indian Wedding Room Block At An Alternative Hotel

I was at an Indian wedding last year at a 4-star resort, in Southern California during the peak season – summer. The couple took out a room block at the resort for friends to book rooms on their own, but they also wanted to host rooms for their relatives – about 100 people, so around 45 rooms, for two nights.

Since it was the peak summer season the wedding/reception resort’s rooms started at $400 per night. That would have cost the host families about $36,000 to host all of their relatives!

Instead they setup a room block at a neighboring hotel – about 3 miles away, and ended up spending 1/4 that.

Most of their guests were planning to rent cars anyway as many planned to stay in town an extra few days. And for everyone else since it was only 3 miles, they could Uber.

This was a much more affordable way to host their guests. And convenient as the hotel was only 3 miles away.

Another solution would have been to rent a bus and shuttle guests to/from the hotel to the wedding venue. Expect that to cost around $1500 for one evening.

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