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6 Indian Wedding Sales Tactics For Catering Managers

Selling an Indian or any other type of South Asian wedding is a whole different thing than other events that venue Catering Managers work on. From the consumers’ unique needs, the buyer mindset, the budgets, and the number of influencers and decision makers, it’s a totally different playing field than anything else. Below are 6 Indian wedding sales tactics for Catering Managers to employ throughout the sales cycle. They will set you apart from others.

Selling these big ticket events requires different skills, knowledge, info and insights. You’re busy. Probably inundated with leads. So we’ll keep this short and more importantly do-able.

Expect Your Clients to Negotiate. Indian consumers are going to negotiate. Venues and catering teams that have adapted their sales to that face have been successful in the Indian market. And if you don’t like to negotiate then working with these consumers is going to be challenging. Try to think of it as an opportunity to grow and gain a new skill set that will be useful to you throughout your career.

Differentiate Your Venue.  You know who your primary competitors are in the Indian market, so make sure to point out the features and services that your venue offers that make your venue unique and offer more value.

Create the Dream. If a couple is coming to meet with you for a site visit the whole time they’re envisioning their wedding there while simultaneously trying to take in the plethora of info you’re sharing. Bring the wedding day to life for them by walking them through the details that other sales managers might not be sharing such as:

  • the bride walking down the aisle
  • the staging room where the bride will wait before she enters the ceremony
  • where the milni and vidai will take place (if applicable)
  • the ballroom layout
  • where the buffets and bars will be setup
  • areas where they can take photos

The New Way To Follow Up: It’s happened to anyone in business. A prospect is interested. You spend a lot of time with them and send them a proposal and then they go MIA. Instead of sending a “checking in” message, how about sending something useful like a link to a video from an Indian wedding that took place there.

Rename Your Outside Catering Package: Instead of “Outside Catering Packet 2018-2019”. Put your venue name in the file name.

Proactively Talk About an Inclement Weather Backup (if applicable). So many Indian and South Asian weddings take place outdoors. And for Hindus and Jains the ceremonial fire is a vital part of the ceremony. The biggest concerns these consumers have are:

  1. In case of a weather issue can the ceremony be moved indoors?
  2. If yes, can they have the ceremonial fire indoors?

If you proactively bring this up instead of them having to bring it up with you, it demonstrates that you ‘get it.’ And when so much of the decision making process of what venue to go with depends on rapport with the Catering Sales Manager, those seemingly small gestures can actually have a big impact.

FYI: the ceremony flame is not applicable to Sikh, Muslim and Buddhist weddings.

For venues that work with us, we prep Catering Managers for site visits. Sharing nuances about the culture, keywords and traditions that impress clients, by the sheer fact that the Catering Manager knew those things. And the impact has been huge. We hear back from Catering Managers who tell us everything was on point and clients were indeed wow’d by their insight

{Summary and Take Aways}

This article shared 6 Indian wedding sales tactics for Catering Managers to employ throughout the sales cycle. They will set you apart from others.

Catering Managers, make the bride’s dream vision come to life during site visits. Utilize Indian wedding jargon. Understand the multiple aspects of the day such as the baraat and try to evoke her emotion when you’re walking her through the venue.

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{Some FYIs}

Shaadi = Marriage/wedding in Hindi/Urdu, which are two major languages spoken in South Asia

South Asian refers to people from: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives

South Asian is not to be confused with Southeast Asian which is a completely different region of the world.

South Asian is a more encompassing term as it refers to everyone in that region vs. Indian.

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