Indian Wedding Design vs. Decor

Talk to a wedding designer and refer to them or their company as a ‘wedding decoration’ company and they’ll quickly correct you – distinguishing between design and decor.

A designer envisions a wedding holistically, thinking about the overall look, feel, theme and details in order to make wedding decoration recommendations and plans. In addition they implement the plans.

Designers also do custom design work such as this die cut mandap designed by Shawna Yamamoto Event Design.

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A decorator may have an inventory of items in their showroom that you pick and choose; and you put together your look amongst their existing options.

With a designer there’s a consulting and guiding aspect to the service.

Think of the difference in terms of this analogy: a designer is like an architect and the decorator is like the construction team.

Every couple’s needs are unique and vary. Some couples want more design expertise. Others know exactly what they want and just need a service that can bring their vision to life.

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