What to Ask Your Maharaj for an Indoor Ceremony Flame at an Indian Wedding Venue

In my work helping couples find their wedding venue, for Hindu and Jain ceremonies, the ceremony flame pretty much always comes up. Some venues allow the indoor ceremony flame, others don’t, and some allow it with some restrictions and fees.

Even venues that have held Hindu and Jain ceremonies many times before, still want these questions answered by your Maharaj/Pandit:

1. what fuels the fire?
2. provide a photo of the vessel in which it will be contained
3. the length of the fire portion of the ceremony
4. how far above the top of the vessel will the fire get?
5. will it get big enough to set off the fire alarm?
6. how is the fire extinguished afterwards?

What I have found is that often it’s not so much about the venue’s experience with Indian and other South Asian weddings, it really boils down to their staff’s experience – the Catering Managers and the Director of Catering. And with so many hotels, resorts and other types of venues throughout Southern California, they tend to move around a lot, so it’s not uncommon to meet a Catering Manager whom our team has to bring up to speed on Indian weddings and all types of South Asian weddings.
If you’re not working with us in your venue search and haven’t referred to this info on the ShaadiShop website, I always recommend everyone who plans to have a ceremony flame, to understand the venue’s policies about this. Even if you’re going to have an outdoor ceremony and even if it’s going to be during the summer, make sure you understand the venue’s policies in case your ceremony has to be moved indoors. I have personally witnessed weddings during July in Southern California that had to be moved indoors because of a fluke storm…no one would ever had expected that!

{Take Aways}

  • understand your venue’s policies about indoor ceremony flames…even if you’re planning an outdoor wedding ceremony.
  • to be thorough, find out the answers to the above questions, in writing, from your Maharaj/Pandit.
  • check out ShaadiShop’s guides on wedding day rain and ceremony flames for Hindu and Jain weddings.

From all of us at ShaadiShop congratulations and cheers to your upcoming wedding!
Samta Varia
Founder & CEO
ShaadiShop: Indian Wedding Venues

ShaadiShop is a free service to help couples, planning an Indian or any South Asian wedding, find their wedding venue. We walk you through the whole process from discovery to booking. And, venues extend better pricing and amenities to our clients. Visit our main website or contact me to start your venue search today!


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