Catering Managers: 7 Non-obvious & Useful Things To Point Out During Indian Wedding Site Visits

Site visits make all the difference when it comes to selling Indian weddings. Catering Sales Managers that are familiar with Indian weddings have probably experienced at least a few Indian wedding clients where a whole entourage shows up for the site visit.

The wedding venue is kind of a big deal.

The wedding venue sets the tone for the entire wedding and anchors decor, food and beverage, entertainment and everything else. So yeah, often the couple, their parents, siblings and maybe even grandparents show up for a site visit.

I’m sure some Catering Sales Managers have found that odd. After all, isn’t the decision up to the bride and groom? Well yes and no.

ProTip for Catering Managers: One of the reasons the whole family, such as the grandparents, attend the site visits is cultural. Eastern cultures by nature are collectivist. There’s a greater focus on relationships and roles and status within a social system. Western culture is individualistic where each person sees him/herself as relatively independent of others.

Read this article to understand more about collectivist vs. individualistic cultures.

Bringing the grandparents along for venue site visits is their children and grandchildren’s way of showing them respect. This gesture signals that the grandparents’ opinion and blessings are important.

{Site Visits Are When Things Get Real}

Wedding venue site visits are the bride, groom, and their family’s chance to tangibly envision what their wedding at that venue would be like.

{Rational & Emotional}

Buying one’s wedding venue is part rational decision and a lot part emotional decision. I’m sure you’ve encountered brides and mothers-of-the-bride who got emotional during site visits. It’s because being there makes the whole thing so real.

So take that and run with it. Point out these finer details that appeal to your clients’ emotions that also happen to be things your competitors aren’t talking about.

  • Where the bride can watch the baraat as it’s happening
  • The bride’s path from behind-the-scenes to entering for the ceremony
  • Where the milni will take place (North Indian and Punjabi weddings only).
  • Layout options of the ballroom for the reception
  • Any outdoor cocktail hour options
  • Options of where the escort cards could be setup
  • Where the hospitality room will be and the setup details, policies, costs


Catering Sales Managers that take the time to understand Indian culture and the emotional aspects of buying a wedding venue will do so much better in closing Indian weddings.

Above, you’ll find 7 specific, non-obvious details that will impress clients if catering managers bring them up during site visits. All the best!

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